$500 DIY Freedom Cabin: Couple Quit their Jobs and Build This

$500 DIY Freedom Cabin

“In 2012, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz quit their jobs and set off to build a glass cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.” (source)

Video Documentary

This story was also featured in the Huffington Post: Cozy Mountain Cabin Built From Repurposed Windows Costs Just $500 To Make (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Simple Living in a Converted School Bus


I thought you might find this converted school bus a bit inspiring for simple living. I’ve always liked the idea of using reclaimed materials to build a home. And even better the idea of using something like an old school bus or even a used shipping container to create a new home.

And this photo just says so much to me. This couple looks to be focused on the right things. Each other. And their new family (she looks pregnant). Keeping things simple, not worrying about money and just building a good life without using or needing much.

Photographer and Original Source Unknown

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