Flying Treehouse Cabin at an Eco Lodge


For me this is the ultimate getaway/retreat when you really want to unplug and get away from it all.

I’d come here and shut off my phone and just relax either by myself or with someone special to me.

It seems like a great place to recharge the batteries, read, relax, reflect and maybe even create and plan.

If you’re interested in staying at this eco lodge you can get more info here.

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Tiny Cabin in Gambier Island




Photo Credits Rick Gustavson

This tiny/small cabin has an amazing view of the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia. It’s in one of the available lots on Gambier Island which is just north of Vancouver. In this case the developer is offering folks who buy lots the opportunity to get themselves a basic cabin like you see here. Read the original article here.

Indonesian Style Wooden Micro House

Wooden house in traditional Indonesian style

What are your thoughts on this wooden Indonesian style house with a front terrace.

This photo was taken in the Gili Islands near Indonesia according to the photographer.

It seems like it’s just big enough to have a place to sleep. Maybe a few bunks if you wanted it for the whole family to camp in.

What would you use such a tiny structure for? To camp in on the weekends, put in your backyard as a micro guest house, or maybe as a backyard shed that you can work in, meditate in, or write in?

I’d love to have it somewhere near the ocean as a place where I can write or go for a getaway. How about you?