Luxury Tiny Cabins in Baja, California


Photo Credit Design Hotels

This luxury tiny cabin resort hosts a total of 20 cabins with incredible views of the valley. Each one has a private terrace with a fireplace inside.

I really like the minimalist design and the privacy (and view) that you would have here instead of in a hotel. If only we can use this as some sort of model for a future tiny house living community.

Rates to stay here start at around $185/night in case you’re interested. More info and pics here.

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Tiny Oceanfront Cabana House


Photo Credit Six Senses Resort & Spa

This is the ultimate luxury tiny house. Not practical for most of us for any sort of full-time type of living but to me the idea of it is amazing. I guess that’s why it’s a resort because it would most likely cost so much to upkeep on a location like this. Besides the location, isn’t the cabana cottage itself pretty awesome? Notice the area where you can sit down and chill while soaking your feet in the ocean. How cool is that! Plus the upstairs balcony to enjoy the view and maybe even fish from. There’s even an outdoor shower that I see there. Sounds like paradise to me. Interested in staying here? Get more info on how here. But yes, it’s got to be pricey.

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Tiny Bungalow Resort in the Jungle of Thailand

beautiful bungalow resort in jungle, Koh Chang, Thailand

It’s always a little sad to me the fact that almost all really nice tiny houses are some kind of resort.

But at least they serve as inspiration as to what we can do with small spaces for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful little bungalow on stilts in Thailand?

Personally, it’s right up my alley thanks to the elevation of the home and the front porch that doubles as a really nice balcony.

How about you? Would you build a tiny home like this for yourself?