Duplex Cabin: Rent One Half and Live in the Other Rent-free?


Cabins like this just make you think, don’t they? Would you be willing to share walls in order to live rent-free?

Or maybe even mortgage-free? Or even if you did end up with a mortgage what if that half of the house paid it for you?

That’s one quick way to free yourself of the “death note” isn’t it?

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  1. One of my house plans, in the unlikely event I come across enough money to do it, is to build a tiny 2 story house with a tiny apartment in the lower level. Each would have its own private outdoor space though and I wouldn’t want to share an entry area. Good soundproofing is also a must.

    1. Sounds like a great way to go.. And agreed, spend extra on soundproofing so you stay happy and feel you have enough privacy!

  2. Hmm, don’t think I’d want to share walls in a tiny house. At least in a regular sized house you can move to the outer wall if the neighbours are making a lot of noise!

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