Micro Structure Used as Church: World’s Smallest?


Photo by Sergii Korshun

Even when structures are way too tiny to ever seriously consider living in, I still find them fascinating and fun to swoon at. In this case we’ve got a micro cabin that’s being used as what I believe to be one of the world’s tiniest churches. I’ve always liked the idea of people getting to build micro structures for prayer, meditation or even just their hobbies. A place where it’s safe to be you with no distractions. What would you use a micro dwelling like this for?

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  1. This wooden church in Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum predates the micro-cabin and tiny-house movements by a good 150 years. You can find similar size, tiny places of worship in most of the old Russian forts on the US West Coast, such as the Fort Ross in Northern California.

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