Modern Small House by Locus Architecture


This small house is designed by Locus Architecture and I think they did a great job with it. At least for those of us who like the modern look. It’s usually pretty expensive though.

Interestingly enough the exterior of the house is made from mostly salvaged billboards and translucent poly-carbonate panels.

The design is very unique and the windows really stand out to me especially the huge one on the left, I think it’s cool! Also the one all the way on the top, looks like that would be a cool view from up there.

I don’t know if you noticed but there’s another structure nearby to the right, it looks like they’re pretty much connected. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but I take it that this is the new addition or guest house. I just think it would make for a great single family small house.

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  1. Hi, Alex. I followed the architectural link since there wasn’t a SOURCE hyperlink and there was only a larger photo of this design over there. From THAT photo, the house looked to be Free-Standing and not linked to anything else. But, that might have been strategic camera positioning.

    I’m with YOU about liking the more modern tiny homes vs. the tired retreading of Olde Tyme rehashing. I understand that if someone is living in a 100+ year old home, you want to keep the integrity but WHY in the world would you want to be a slave to the standard Kid’s Crayola Version of what a house looks like, complete with lolipop trees and a swirl of smoke coming from a smoke stack? Mind you, I really apppreciate and applaud “Inspired By” but seriously, unless someone living in a 1880’s replica design house also DRESSES in that manner and takes a pony and cart to town, what’s the deal with the Blast To The Past?

    Alex, you might really enjoy the other projects that this architect worked on. They are heavily INSPIRED by Midwest Rural Architecture including Co-ops, Silos, and Farm Out Buildings. LOVELY designs but NONE are Tiny Houses; the one you featured looks to be three stories tall.

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