448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin for sale w/ Land for $15k





I thought you might like this tiny A-frame cabin that’s available for sale with land in Georgia. It has a living area, bathroom and kitchen on the first level then there’s an upstairs bedroom (loft). The structure is surrounded by 2,800 acres of mountains. There are miles of hiking and horseback riding trails or you can go fishing or canoeing on one of the nearby lakes. The cabin is built on a lot in The Preserve at Lookout Mountain Resorts in Rising Fawn which is around a 35 minute car trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can get to Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Nashville within two hours each. I thought this was a pretty fair deal at just $15,000 but of course you’d want to do your own research before buying.

Learn more about this tiny A-frame in Georgia for sale with land here.

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Weller Tiny House for Sale for just $19k


Photo by Four Lights Houses

I told you about the Gifford tiny house that Jay Shafer’s company is selling but they also have this beautiful Weller available that you should know about.

Again- this is just the shell that we’re talking about so you would want to plan to finish the interior yourself and possibly considering Jay’s component furniture to finish the inside.

They’re asking just $19,000 for this awesome cabin already mounted and secured for you on a trailer. Optionally you can go without the trailer for a little bit less ($18k).

This model is 7’x16′ so it’s easy for it to meet public road laws so you can tow it just about anywhere much like an RV or travel trailer. Just be prepared because you’ll get lots of attention on the road while traveling with it!

If you’re interested in the Weller that’s for sale right now visit this page to get in touch with the folks over at Four Lights. If you want to buy and download the plans instead so you can build it yourself from scratch you can get those instantly right here.

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Gifford Tiny House by Jay Shafer for Sale just $19k


Photo by Four Lights Houses

I thought you should know that Jay Shafer and his company Four Lights Houses has a variety pack of tiny houses on or off wheels (including the Gifford shown above) that you can purchase and they start at just $18,000.

Granted these are just finished shells which means you would be responsible for finishing the interior. And you can either do this yourself, have a carpenter do it or you can even use Jay Shafer’s tiny house component furniture to finish the interior in any way that you like.

I’ve always thought that would be a fun way to design and build your own little home or cabin. The home can be delivered to you or you can come pick it up where it’s at in New York.

This particular model is 7’x16′ so it’s definitely small enough to fit on a trailer as you can see in the picture but of course you can decide to put it on a normal foundation too.

So anyway- if you’re interested in this Gifford tiny cabin you can learn more over on this page. If you want to use the Gifford plans to build your own you can buy and download those plans here.

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Like a Rolling Home: $17k for a Reclaimed Tiny House with Double Lofts?


More Exterior Photos of this Double Loft Tiny House


Notice the swinging porch cover. I thought that was pretty simple and clever and hadn’t seen the idea being used on any other tiny houses, have you?


The idea of removing the tires from the trailer for a while is a great way to preserve the tires and save money on that.

The tongue of the trailer is being used to store propane.






Let’s go inside!

Interior of the Double Loft Tiny House


Notice the Dickinson Marine Heater inside. It’s one of the most expensive options for heating little homes but it’s certainly one of the best looking and most space efficient too. You can get one here.



Ladder to the Double Loft


Storage Closet & Wardrobe


The Kitchen




You can find counter top drinking water filters just like this on Amazon right here.





Bathroom with Shower



Obviously you can install your own choice of toilet there whether that’s an RV flush toilet, regular flush toilet or a composting system.

The Sleeping Loft


More About This Tiny Home

Features and special details about this tiny house:

  • Made from reclaimed wood from two Texas farm houses
  • The double loft can fit up to two queen sized mattresses
  • Electric & plumbing done by licensed professionals
  • Custom 6′ couch with storage
  • Two closets
  • Stainless steel countertops in the kitchen
  • Three-burner propane range
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Propane detector and two smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors
  • 30″x30″ shower
  • Hook up for propane water heater

How’s $16,500 for a Finished Tiny House on a Trailer?

Asking price? $16,500. But it’s most likely already sold because it was originally posted back in February 2013.┬áRead the original post here.

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Tiny Round Cob House: The She Cave




Photo Credits YouTube/Faircompanies

This is part of a homestead of tiny houses. There’s a treehouse, 3 cobs and a recycled small house made out of streetcars on the property. Learn more at this post.

More photos and a video tour are available here. Read the original story here. This homestead is available for sale right now if you want more info on that get it here.

Tiny Cabin on 6 Acres for Sale in Missouri


Photo Credit Tiny House Listings

I had to show you this tiny cabin that’s available for sale on 6 acres in Missouri which was just listed over at my friend’s site Tiny House Listings. They’re asking $99,900 and the great part is there is more than just one cabin on the property. You can see more photos and get more information at the original listing here.