Weller Tiny House for Sale for just $19k


Photo by Four Lights Houses

I told you about the Gifford tiny house that Jay Shafer’s company is selling but they also have this beautiful Weller available that you should know about.

Again- this is just the shell that we’re talking about so you would want to plan to finish the interior yourself and possibly considering Jay’s component furniture to finish the inside.

They’re asking just $19,000 for this awesome cabin already mounted and secured for you on a trailer. Optionally you can go without the trailer for a little bit less ($18k).

This model is 7’x16′ so it’s easy for it to meet public road laws so you can tow it just about anywhere much like an RV or travel trailer. Just be prepared because you’ll get lots of attention on the road while traveling with it!

If you’re interested in the Weller that’s for sale right now visit this page to get in touch with the folks over at Four Lights. If you want to buy and download the plans instead so you can build it yourself from scratch you can get those instantly right here.

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Jay Shafer Tiny House Workshop with a Field Trip


Thought I would inform you that at Jay Shafer’s upcoming workshop in California this August 10-11, 2013, you’ll get to also go on a tour to see a bunch of tiny houses on a field trip the entire group will be taking.

Little things like that are what make certain workshops special to me, in my opinion. So I wanted to be sure you knew you could have this opportunity to see a variety of little homes on trailers while hanging out with Jay and a bunch of other tiny house enthusiasts.

Sign up for the workshop directly through Jay’s Four Lights Tiny House Company here.

Tiny House Community Display


I shared this announcement with you a few days ago here on how there’s a showcase on display of a tiny house community at the Sonoma County Fair.

I can’t get over how cool it’s going to be when communities like this exist and are available to people like us.

You can get more info on the event at Tumbleweed’s blog and Sonoma County’s Fair website in case you can make it.

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