Upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Near You


Image: 3 Couples Group Building Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

If you’ve been dreaming of building your own mortgage-free tiny house and have been considering a workshop…

Tumbleweed has nearly 30 upcoming workshops you might be able to conveniently attend near you.

The 2 day workshops are made to help you get started with the simple lifestyle where you get to meet builders, tiny home owners, and connect with other like minded people.

The class teaches you about trailer options, how to get materials, using tools, getting through building codes and zoning, and more.

If you’re interested, check the list below of upcoming cities.

See the complete list of workshops here.

Jay Shafer Tiny House Workshop with a Field Trip


Thought I would inform you that at Jay Shafer’s upcoming workshop in California this August 10-11, 2013, you’ll get to also go on a tour to see a bunch of tiny houses on a field trip the entire group will be taking.

Little things like that are what make certain workshops special to me, in my opinion. So I wanted to be sure you knew you could have this opportunity to see a variety of little homes on trailers while hanging out with Jay and a bunch of other tiny house enthusiasts.

Sign up for the workshop directly through Jay’s Four Lights Tiny House Company here.

Open Source Tiny House Design and Workshop






Big Ideas, Small Spaces: A Tiny House Design Workshop

Join the folks from Boneyard Studios to learn how to design and build a tiny home on wheels.

When & Where

This September 14-15, 2013 in Washington, DC. Here’s some of what you’ll get if you decide to go:

  • Technical details on building systems appropriate to tiny houses
  • Trailer selection: pros/cons of various existing designs and our recommendations for trailers, modifications, and how to gain the most space in your house
  • Tiny house plans: one half day will be a Google sketch-up class taught by an architect where you will start designing your own house, choosing from two base models or starting your own base plan
  • Opportunity to tour four tiny houses at Boneyard Studios and learn about the different construction styles, building systems, and interior designs
  • A detailed material list and project planning timeline for your tiny house project
  • Learn what you can do yourself versus what you might want to contract out
  • Building and zoning codes and how to go about finding land for your house
  • List of resources (focused on the Mid Atlantic/NE region)
  • Pre-workshop materials to get you up to speed on construction and tiny house concepts, so you can get your technical questions answered during the workshop

If you want to attend you can get more information here and sign up right here.

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Tiny House Classes at Mendocino College


Sustainable Tech at Mendo College in Ukiah California – Summer 2013
June 10th-August 1st www.mendocino.edu
Build a tiny house, hands-on electrical and more

SST – 180 Build a Tiny House on Wheels (Construction Fundamentals) – 3 units
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 9:00-3:20 with Jen Riddell
Gain hands-on construction skills while building a small mobile house.

SST – 186 – Intro to Residential Electrical Systems – 3 units
Mondays and Wednesdays – 9:00-3:20 with Robert Samuelson
Build your knowledge and skill in residential electrical. A good mix of theory and hands-on practice.

SST – 196 SST Occupational Work Experience Education – 1-8 units
Anytime – See OWEE Director Dan Jenkins


BUS – 176 The New Green Economy – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
Explore how green/sustainability is transforming the world of business and develop career and business ideas and strategies.

SST – 200 Sustainability Overview – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
An overview/introduction/exploration of what it means to live sustainably on planet earth. New to sustainability? This course is a great way to get up to speed on the concepts, principles, vocabulary… of sustainability.

For those wanting to complete an SST certificate these core requirements and electives are also offered online:

BUS – 132 Entrepreneurial Management – 3 units
Online – with Orion Walker
Think up and develop business ideas while exploring emerging trend and opportunity areas in entrepreneurship. Interested in 3D printing, the sharing economy, crowdfunding/sourcing, app development…? Me too.

BUS – 230 Intro to Business – 3 units
Online or Lake – multiple instructors

CSC – 201 Computers and Computer Applications
Online or Ukiah Campus – multiple instructors

Learn how to become a student here.

Dee Williams Tiny House Workshop July 20-21, 2013


More info including dates and how to sign up here. (aff)

This tiny house design workshop shows you:

  • How to build a tiny house on a trailer
  • How to prevent moisture/condensation
  • Water, gas and power systems
  • Tips on finding a place to park and making it home
  • How to properly deal with codes, insurance and financing

And much more.. Click here to learn more and reserve your spot today.

Ella’s Tiny Home & Upcoming Tumbleweed Workshops


For more info and list of locations near you click here.

Current locations include:

My favorite part about these events is getting to connect with 30+ other people who are also passionate about tiny houses. I always leave with new ideas and inspiration.

Ticket savings of up to 40% expire last day of this month. For more info and list of locations near you click here.

You can see more of Ella’s house on this post and over at her blog.