How to Build a Gypsy Wagon: Step by Step Instructions




Images: PaleoTool/Instructables

Most of the work you need to do will require a table saw, band saw, drill, and your everyday hand tools.

Click here to the complete step by step instructions which include designing your mock up/design, trailer conversion, cuts, walls, internal structure, roof, and more.

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The Haggard 10′ x 10′ DIY Tiny House


This one was built by one of Michael Janzen’s readers. He was so inspired by everyone’s tiny housing ideas that he decided to build his own. And- he’s almost finished!

More photos and info over at this post on Michael’s Tiny House Living.

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DIY Homemade Bench with Built in Storage





Thought you would also like this awesome DIY homemade bench with built in storage used in a kitchen to store food goodies. Great idea for a tiny/small house, don’t you think?

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Upcoming Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops Near You


Image: 3 Couples Group Building Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

If you’ve been dreaming of building your own mortgage-free tiny house and have been considering a workshop…

Tumbleweed has nearly 30 upcoming workshops you might be able to conveniently attend near you.

The 2 day workshops are made to help you get started with the simple lifestyle where you get to meet builders, tiny home owners, and connect with other like minded people.

The class teaches you about trailer options, how to get materials, using tools, getting through building codes and zoning, and more.

If you’re interested, check the list below of upcoming cities.

See the complete list of workshops here.

The 230 Sq. Ft. V House Project








“Currently we are building a 23′ x 10′ V House. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post some photos and write up some building reports. This is our biggest tiny house, and definitely showcases the versatility of the V House.”  (source)

From now on Nelson Tiny Houses will be blogging about their progress on future projects so be sure to check them out right here.

More From Nelson Tiny Houses:

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Cypress 20 Tumbleweed Tiny House Project using SIPs






I thought you might also enjoy this Tumbleweed Cypress 20 custom project by Joe Coover. Art from the SIP tiny house is helping him with the project too which is pretty awesome.

I encourage you to follow along over at Joe’s blog, Long Story Short House as he progresses through the build.

Read the original blog post here.

Images: Joe Coover, Long Story Short House

Related Resources

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The SIP Tiny House on Wheels











This SIP Tiny House is built using Structurally Insulated Panels. This means that once the design is complete you can have the panels used to build the main components of the home cut by a manufacturer of SIPs.

Then you can gather friends to help put it together using a screw gun and construction glue. At this point you have your basic shell completed and fully insulated.

“The panels allow someone with out the technical knowledge of framing a house to erect a structure that is stronger and better insulated in a weekend.  I hope you are inspired to create your own tiny house and that you now have an example of a different construction method to explore.” – Art,

You can also learn more details about this SIP tiny house and how SIPs work on this post over at Tiny House Talk.

More photos and information are also available at Art’s blog.

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Jess & Dan’s Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free









Images: Living in a Tiny House

Video Tour of Jess & Dan’s DIY Tiny House on Wheels

Learn more and see more of Jess & Dan’s tiny house project over at their blog and Facebook Page.

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1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman Travel Trailer Renovation (Before & After)






















































Images: imakethenews/imgur

This couple purchased the travel trailer so that they could completely re-do it. It was pretty banged up as you could see (especially the inside). But just shows what you could do with something that already exists. Just takes time, patience, a little bit of money, and lots of labor.

They completely gutted it and rebuilt it from scratch and I think they did an amazing job. They even rented a garage just so they can do this. Read the complete and original story with even more photos here. It was later put up for sale as you can see here.

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Parking your Tiny House and then Adding a Large Covered Porch





If you’re like me you love tiny houses but you might also realize how little outdoor space they usually come with (if any at all).

In most cases it’s just enough to keep you covered in the rain while you unlock your front door.

And again, if you’re like me, you want more outdoor space than this!

And it is nice to have that space easily accessible from your front door.

That’s why I love what this guy did with his 192 sq. ft. tiny home once he parked it on his land…

He built a separate stick built covered front porch since he doesn’t really plan on moving the house anyway.

This is the same tiny house project with the DIY hidden TV cabinet I showed you a few days ago.

Great idea! And the solar panels are nice, too! More info on this post too. Be sure to browse around his blog for more (it’s really interesting!)

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DIY Hidden TV Cabinet for your Tiny House




“Well I broke down prior to the Olympics and installed a Cabinet at the front door. The purpose of the Cabinet was to house my flat screen TV. I did not want to mount it on the wall without having the option of being able to cover it up. So I built a cover which you can see above that cover where the TV is mounted. I have very little shelf space so this has been a good addition in that regard.” (source)

Image credit: Zboatman

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One Unique Way to Create More Storage in your Tiny House


Image Credit: Mini-Mobile Cottage


Image: Mini-Mobile Cottage <– Check out their blog here

This space in your “extra” loft can be used for storage as well as to creatively house vents for an air conditioning system if you wanted… or, both! I just like how instead of leaving the space open like in most other tiny houses I’ve seen they created a simple and sleek door to cover up whatever you decide to put in there.. Especially if it’s for your air system. But even if it’s for storage, you’d get to make better use of it by closing it in like this. Otherwise it kind of becomes decorative space in my opinion.

Head on over to the Mini-Mobile Cottage blog to learn more about this couple’s tiny house construction project and downsizing journey as it’s really interesting. Also check out their Picasa Photo Album of the entire project here so you can see more photos.

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How to Build a Staircase with Storage for your Tiny Home

How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

I thought you would also enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to build a staircase with storage for your tiny home in case you’re a DIYer and will be or are currently building a tiny house for yourself. Andrew Morrison, of Tiny House Build, shows you how step by step.

Head on over to his blog to follow his staircase construction tutorial.

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Introducing: Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey

Tiny House Giant Journey

I just got in touch with the folks over at Tiny House Giant Journey, Guillaume and Jenna, who are building their own tiny house on wheels so that they can travel around North America.

An Adventurous Couple in their 20s

As you can probably already tell they’re an adventurous young couple in their 20s living in LA and building this DIY traveling little house.

About Guillaume

Guillaume was an engineer and is now a full time builder of his own house and photographer. Check out his photo site here.

About Jenna

Jenna works in the film industry and is also a writer. You can see her work here.

Videos of their Project

Leveling their Trailer

Trailer Insulation

Foam Boards for Insulation

Expanding Foam

Sheathing the Floor

More videos here.

The Journey

Together they will be filming and photographing the entire project where you can follow along over at their site, Tiny House Giant Journey. They’ve also got a great YouTube channel going that I recommend you to subscribe to. And if you’re on Facebook you can follow their page here.

Interview with Guillaume and Jenna

Listen in (free) right here over at the Tiny r(E)volution.

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The Flying Tortoise Tiny House

Flying Tortoise Tiny House

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite tiny houses are those which the owner/builders have put in the time to design and build with reclaimed materials. And Colin’s coastal cabin totally embodies that look and feel with his tiny rolling house.

Using Reclaimed Materials to Build Tiny

Colin’s friend, Steve, taught him how to use salvaged materials a few months prior to getting started. Get the complete tour and story of how it was built over here at Kent’s blog post on Colin’s tiny house.

How the Heck do you Build on Wheels?

Colin, the owner/builder of this house, also used Go House Go by Dee Williams and the Tiny House Construction Guide by Dan Louche to learn how to build it and to guide him through the processes of building a wood framed house onto a trailer.

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Shipping Container Tiny House on Stilts


I thought I’d let you know about this super sweet shipping container tiny house on stilts that’s being built right now in India according to . This is the first time I’ve seen a container cabin like this on stilts so since it’s so unique I got excited about sharing it with you. I’m always a fan of elevating structures a little bit not just for safety from floods, etc. but just for the sake of improving the view from the house as well as creating the opportunity to make an outdoor space that’s higher up than usual (like a balcony). More photos of this project are available for you to see here.

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Solar Shingles for Tiny Houses?


Ever think about adding solar power to your future tiny house or cabin? Did you know that solar shingles now exist and are becoming available? So you know what my next question is… Would you consider using these for your future home? I really like the seamless design and how you wouldn’t have to attach extra panels to your roof or anything. I’m always up to consider an all-in-one solution like this. Or just about anything that makes more use out of the same thing. And this accomplishes just that!

Photo Credit Beach Side Solar Hawaii

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Tiny Houses & Your Lover: Convincing, Waiting or Meeting in Between?


I want you to meet Chris & Kristen. They’re a young couple who are building a tiny house on blocks. They’re still in the construction phase so be sure to add them to your watch list. Instead of building on wheels they decided to build on blocks. And they can always move it later or maybe even attach it to a trailer if they really wanted to.


Photo Credits Tiny House on Blocks

Making a Deal with your Spouse/Significant Other on Building a Tiny House

But what I really wanted you to read was how they got to the point to where they decided to start building a tiny home. I always find it fascinating the way that we have to sometimes convince our significant others to go for the lifestyle. And this is one of the best blog posts I’ve read on that topic (if you have more, please share the links in the comments).

Convincing your Partner and Meeting Somewhere In Between

Chris could have gone even smaller than what they’re building right now considering he’s lived out of a van before. Kristen wasn’t willing to go that far. So they had to meet in between.

And meeting in between looks different for everybody. So please don’t compare your situation to others because they’re all unique..

Anyways do yourself a favor and read this entire post on how Chris & Kristen made a decision on starting their tiny house project.

Your Thoughts on Couples Living in Tiny Houses

Then if you want share your thoughts and ideas on how you’ve had to convince, be patient, or simply meet in-between with your significant other and your tiny house dreams. We’d all love for you to share in the comments.

You’re Pretty Lucky, If..

One thing I think is fair to say is this, if you love tiny houses and are in a relationship with someone who’s also down to live tiny (shout out to Chris & Malissa!), you can consider yourself pretty lucky! So go give your partner a big hug when you see him/her next! (Actually I think you should probably do that whether or not they wanna live tiny with you.) 😀

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Minim Homes: Tiny House on Wheels at Boneyard Studios

Minim House - 04

Minim House - 01

Minim House - 02

Minim House - 03

Minim House - 14

Minim House - 13


Minim House - 05

Minim House - 11

Minim House - 15

Minim House - 12

Minim House - 16

Minim House - 17

Minim House - 18



“As for the experience of being in this 210 square foot house, while I can’t officially live here, I did design it to allow for that someday, and have spent many hours in the space. I have tried moving everything in to see how it fits for the photo shoot.  In short, it’s quite perfect.  There’s room for 175 books, a full sized keyboard and guitar, bar, KitchenAid stand mixer & attachments, a 10 tray food dehydrator, bread machine, 75+ mason jars, sewing machine, suitcase, printer/copier, bags of tools, etc.  There’s even room left over for a combo washer/dryer in the closet (the one thing I’ve felt might be missing).  Most important to me, this all fits without feeling at all cramped or cluttered, and with room for 10 guests to sit comfortably.” (Source)

Did you know this tiny house was built using SIP panels? It’s also part of the showcase tiny house community at Boneyard Studios in DC.

Read the original post here. More info on Minim Homes here. Buy the plans to build this tiny house yourself here.