All-in-one Furniture: Entertainment Center, Bedroom & Office in one




Architect Nicholas Gurney did something very creative in this small apartment to make better use of the limited space. One piece of furniture serves as an entertainment center with storage, bedroom, and even office. And there are even bookshelves and drawers too. How would you like to have something like this in your small space?


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Transforming Furniture: Workbed Flips from Desk to Bed





Photos by Marlen Mueller @ Interview with Mira Schroeder

This piece of furniture is designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS. It’s called the Workbed because it’s a desk that can be flipped over and used as a bed as well. So it’s perfect if you work from home and are short on space or you have an extra room or space in your home that you want to use as an office and guest room. I also thought it could work pretty well in some tiny houses or at least in a small cabin, cottage, studio, or apartment.

Also seen at Niall’s Humble Homes blog.

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Ledo Bunk Beds for Tiny Houses: Murphy Bed Style


These bunk beds are really expensive at about $3,800 USD but I thought the idea is pretty interesting for a tiny house. And if you ever have kids over they’ve got a place to sleep. It can use some side rails up top though, that’s for sure. But besides that I thought it was pretty cool. What do you think? See how it works below, too:


The dimensions are 39″ wide and 87″ tall. When it’s closed it’s 24″ in depth. When the beds are out it extends out a 89″. More info here.

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DIY Hideaway Bed


Thought you’d also like this simplified DIY Hideaway Bed idea with built in storage. Something like this can turn any extra space into a spare guest bedroom. This would be great in a tiny or small cabin, don’t you think?

If you’re single and living in a tiny house by yourself this could be your downstairs closet + bed solution instead of using a loft.

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DIY Homemade Bench with Built in Storage





Thought you would also like this awesome DIY homemade bench with built in storage used in a kitchen to store food goodies. Great idea for a tiny/small house, don’t you think?

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Space Saving Booth Style Kitchen Seating/Dining


Thought you might also like this idea for a space saving dining booth near your kitchen whether you go with a tiny house or a small home. In most RVs you get a set up like this but no storage because it converts into a bed at night. If you go with a more permanent dining arrangement like this, you can add storage drawers into the design to create extra space to store your kitchen goods.

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667 Sq. Ft. Modern Small House for Family in Sweden







Notice the bunk beds for the children on the left of the building in the photo above.



Architect: LLP Arkitektkontor AB

Images: Robin Hayes

Via ArchDaily & Humble-Homes

To me small houses like this are perfect for families.

I just know that modern designs like these are not very affordable but at least once built they are efficient, easy to maintain and have a relatively small footprint in comparison to McMansions.

And what if they were built for the masses? Wouldn’t they become more and more affordable then? I think so.

My wish is that developers would provide more housing like this because the truth is it’s just easier to get an oversized house (they’re everywhere). AND they’re cheaper.

It’s a shame that in most of today’s communities and neighborhoods you wouldn’t even be able to build out a floor plan like this because it’s less than 1200 sq. ft.

I consider 667 sq. ft. designs like this one to be McMansion killers because if they were widely available and easy to finance lots of people would actually choose them over 2400 sq. ft. cookie cutter homes.

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From Basement to Tiny & Bright Beachside Studio Conversion















This to me is an absolute dreamy apartment. I love the white color throughout because it makes it feels more open and spacious. And I also like the location because it’s by the beach. If you know me, you know I love being close to the water.. Especially the ocean. Another reason I like this conversion so much is that it used to be a basement! And for me it’s always exciting to see people convert their garages, basements, sheds and turn them into something so beautiful, useful and functional like this. Get more info and photos on this tiny apartment studio that was once a basement right here.

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273 Sq. Ft. Shoebox Tiny Apartment











I thought you’d also love this 273 sq. ft. tiny apartment that this small family lives in in Warsaw, Poland. Even though it’s a tiny space the furniture and design really makes the most of it and it actually looks and feels quite spacious for its size. The big box functions as a bed and storage.  Even the staircase that leads you up to the bed has drawers built in so it’s easy to get up there (even for the dog) and it makes the best use of space possible. More photos and info available here. Interior design by Photographer Gosia Góra.

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DIY Hidden TV Cabinet for your Tiny House




“Well I broke down prior to the Olympics and installed a Cabinet at the front door. The purpose of the Cabinet was to house my flat screen TV. I did not want to mount it on the wall without having the option of being able to cover it up. So I built a cover which you can see above that cover where the TV is mounted. I have very little shelf space so this has been a good addition in that regard.” (source)

Image credit: Zboatman

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How to Build a Staircase with Storage for your Tiny Home

How to build a staircase with storage for your tiny house

I thought you would also enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to build a staircase with storage for your tiny home in case you’re a DIYer and will be or are currently building a tiny house for yourself. Andrew Morrison, of Tiny House Build, shows you how step by step.

Head on over to his blog to follow his staircase construction tutorial.

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Reclaimed Tiny Cabin in the Angeles National Forest








This is Daniel Kent’s cabin by a stream in the Angeles National Forest in southern California. He used to be an actor but he has lots of other talents, too. He can brew his own beer, roast his own coffee, teach and run his own business (he owns a coffee shop).

His cabin is home and was designed by a shipbuilder who is good at making the most out of small spaces. The ladder to the loft is retractable, the couch and coffee table turns into a guest bed, and it is made out of reclaimed wood from another cabin that used to be on the property.

Read more and see more over at Brian Ferry’s page here.

Via Yeahokbye

Photographer: Brian Ferry @ The Blue Hour

Some of Brian’s prints are available to purchase here.

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How to Make your own DIY Pallet Nightstands

DIY Pallet Nightstands

Don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for furniture that can be made for FREE from materials that would otherwise be wasted? Mean either! That’s why I thought you’d like this article on how to make your own DIY nightstands out of pallet wood.

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Big Tiny Home on Wheels

Big Tiny Home on Wheels

Big Tiny Home on Wheels

If you want to live tiny but just not THAT tiny you can always go for a Park Model home like the one featured above. My only warning is that these aren’t always built to the highest quality standards. For example in many cases they’ll use the lowest quality plywood for these homes which don’t last very long and end up rotting over the years.

Question the Quality of Park Models

So before you spend your hard earned money on something like this, ask questions, do your research and be sure that you’re getting a quality product for your money. Unless of course you don’t mind doing some rehab work later on.

Why Tiny Houses are often More Expensive than Larger Park Models

And if you’re wondering why sometimes builders charge more for hand built tiny houses on trailers (the ones that are REALLY tiny, like Tumbleweeds) one of the reasons is that it is a high quality product in and out. No corners are cut, no cheap materials are used to save a buck that end up costing you lots of bucks later on.

Special Permit Needed to Tow Larger Homes Like This

Another important point on Park Models is that you’ll need a special permit to tow them because they’re wider than 8’6″. Not that you would want to move one of these very often, but I thought you should know!

Images: Modular Lifestyles

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Chairs and Table from Nowhere: Hidden Storage Furniture

As If From Nowhere Furniture

Video on how it works

As if from nowhere from Orla Reynolds on Vimeo.

Designer/creator: Orla Reynold

Images: Mark Duggan

Would you consider furniture like this for your future tiny or small home? It would also work well in a backyard workspace or art studio, too. How would you use it?

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Stackable Dresser Drawers: Great for Small Spaces

Stackable Dresser Drawers

Image: Chigo

These dresser drawers are designed by a Japanese company named Chigo. Good luck getting them here in the USA- or anywhere else for that matter- but I still thought it was worth sharing with you as it could be food for inspiration if you ever decide to build your own furniture as it actually does look relatively simple to do it yourself if you’ve got a little carpentry experience under your tool belt.

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A Coffee Table you can Transform into a Dining Table


“We commissioned our friend and designer, Dave Myers to build us a custom convertible coffee/dining table a few weeks ago. It’s our very own little transformer (except that it’s manual, not automatic.) This proved to be an ambitious project, since nothing had been done quite like it before. Inspiration was drawn from a few designs that we’d come across while researching, but all in all it is definitely one-of-a-kind.” (Source)

If you want to check out the rest of this 485 sq. ft. small house with a garage by Smallworks I encourage you to do that here. Wondering how the table was designed and built? Learn about that here.

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Wall Mounted Flip Desks for your Multi-functional Tiny Space




Images: Amazon

For the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-create my home office inside of our 400-square-foot micro apartment. It’s pretty challenging to accomplish in a small 1-bedroom without any major changes to the apartment AND while keeping a decent living area, dining area, kitchen and bedroom.

And since I don’t own it, I didn’t want to make or invest in any structural type of renovations. What I’d really like to do is turn our apartment into a transforming micro apartment but that costs too much and takes quite a lot of effort. So for now I’m considering this flip desk/table because it’s cheap, easy to install and it looks great too.

In fact a few tiny housers have used them in their builds to create a multifunctional kitchen/office area. Another thing you can do if you’re a carpenter or would like to work on your DIY skills is to take the design and recreate it yourself.

But if that doesn’t sound very fun or you just don’t think you have the time to do that you can order one and mount it yourself relatively easily. Order from Amazon here (it’s also available in natural wood color) or check it out at IKEA here and here. Prices tend to change at Amazon so just double check to make sure you get the best deal.

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Feng Shui Expert’s Mobile Micro Cube Dwelling


Here’s an elegantly designed Feng Shui cube to offer you a balanced life wherever you might be. This modular Japanese dwelling box offers you multiple room functions from just one box. And it comprises of:

  • a steel frame,
  • prefabricated floor panels,
  • tatami mat floors,
  • prefabricated staircase with storage,
  • prefabricated cabinets and storage,
  • and plywood wall panels and finishings.

All of that results in what you see below:


Feng Shui principles came into account when designing the cube because Feng Shui expert Liu Ming designed and built it. The result is a tiny box with lots of enjoyable function since each section maximizes itself without discomfort.

Thanks to the wheels you can roll it around wherever you might need it next within your space. I can see this being used in so many ways!

What if you live where you work? Even if it’s a temporary situation, imagine how much one of these units would change how that situation feels?

Or what if you put in extra long hours at a warehouse or other type of job? Maybe you could use a nap or a break that feels like home without having to drive all the way there and back?



As you can see above they even have pull down screens to give you privacy and shade if that’s what you want. There’s also a shoji screen that divides one side from the other. So here’s a run down of what one of these Feng Shui modular house boxes can offer you:

  • Study or micro office with a desk and filing cabinet
  • Staircase with built-in storage cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Meditation zone
  • Loft space

Images: Jasmine Rose Oberste

Built & designed by Fung Shui expert Liu Ming at SpaceFlavor. This tiny cube has also been seen on Dornob and Inhabitat.

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