DIY Hideaway Bed


Thought you’d also like this simplified DIY Hideaway Bed idea with built in storage. Something like this can turn any extra space into a spare guest bedroom. This would be great in a tiny or small cabin, don’t you think?

If you’re single and living in a tiny house by yourself this could be your downstairs closet + bed solution instead of using a loft.

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  1. The bed frame should have been made from the same materials a the closet. Also if made as a rolling box it too could be storage. Otherwise could be a good idea.

    If sited right could be used for extra seating too on the pulled out bed.

  2. You could also make the bed into a table with that cabinet door that’s used to hide it. GREAT idea for crafters.

  3. Well, I am a big fan of murphy bed which frees plenty of space for other purposes when not in use. However, this one seems to me less space saving. as far as I understand the depth of the storage above is the same as the width of the bed? There are for sure better examples which are in need of less space which is an issue in any tiny home.

  4. It looks like the beds they have in prison.I bet it isnt very comfortable.Reality seldom intrudes on this website.

    1. I agree that it doesn’t look very comfortable (and yes, looks like jail cell mattress) but you don’t have to build it exactly as shown in the picture. You can make it longer and you can create space for a thicker mattress to address all these issues. Was just sharing an idea then we can use each other’s creativity to make it better.

    2. Where can one buy prison surplus. There should be extra beds around because prison populations have been reduced.

  5. I could see this working well. I’d make the cabinet floor to ceiling, using one side as a closet, the other for shelves/drawers. Then I would go with the rolling box idea for more storage. Even add another pull out right above the bed to convert the bed to a work top or seating. It’s a complete single person’s bedroom in the dimensions of a twin mattress.

  6. I was thinking with the bed 36-39″ and the closet feature half that depth. It would be a lot like the pull out pilot berth on a boat. Which provides seating in the day and a berth as needed. The mattress is easily created to your liking in any quality marine upholstery shop.

  7. This is actually a Le-Corbusier-design 😀
    Located at the ‘Weissenhof-Museum’ in Stuttgart, Germany.
    I have been there and can confirm that it is a pretty ugly ‘design’ …

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