DIY Hideaway Bed


Thought you’d also like this simplified DIY Hideaway Bed idea with built in storage. Something like this can turn any extra space into a spare guest bedroom. This would be great in a tiny or small cabin, don’t you think?

If you’re single and living in a tiny house by yourself this could be your downstairs closet + bed solution instead of using a loft.

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Coffee Table that Transforms into a Guest Bed


Photo by Julie West Home

The Coffee Table Bed by Julia West Home is great because it doubles as a guest bed.

The mattresses stack up when not in use as a bed. This would actually work great in our micro apartment.

Right now we don’t have a coffee table at all. Or any type of guest sleeping situation.

So this would solve both of those problems with one piece of furniture which is pretty cool.

I’m not sure I’d use this on a tiny house on wheels because there’s usually not enough space for coffee tables.

But in a tiny cabin it would work great because you’re not limited on the width of the structure to meet road laws.

Learn more about this coffee table that doubles as a guest bed here.

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