Car Tent so you can Camp in the City





Can you believe it? There are actually tents out there designed to look like a car cover so you can go camping in the city, in a parking spot, without being noticed. I hope you found it interesting/entertaining too as I don’t recommend it but it made me smile today.

Images: Geekologie

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V House: Micro Cabin up in the Jungle

















The V House is a vacation experience in Mexico with views of the ocean at Yelapa Bay.

It’s on the Verana property and there are 3 available micro cabins.

I just think it would be awesome to have this style of structure on my own piece of property as an alternative to a treehouse.

Images: Boutique Homes

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Tiny Cube Cabin in the Woods


Here’s a really small structure that I thought you might like to get some inspiration from. It’s a tiny cube cabin that was built to be used as a painting studio and retreat although it could easily be a peaceful little home in nature. It was designed and built with the basic dimensions of a cube. Unfortunately I could not find any interior photos to share with you but the structure does have an upstairs sleeping loft with sweet views of the woods. The windows are designed to bring in nature and light. See more photos here.

Located in Harspwell, Maine. Designed by Petra Simmons Design. Built by Coley Pulsifer and owners. Photos by A. William Frederick.

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Retractable Ladder for Tiny House Lofts?


Photo via Trendir

This retractable ladder is designed for attics but I thought, why not consider it for a tiny house loft?

But since you can’t really hide it in most tiny house lofts, I don’t think it’s something most of us would do.

Unless you made your loft have an attic door and I’m not sure I’m cool with that. What are your thoughts?

The Rintal retractable stairway is available here.

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Coffee Table that Transforms into a Guest Bed


Photo by Julie West Home

The Coffee Table Bed by Julia West Home is great because it doubles as a guest bed.

The mattresses stack up when not in use as a bed. This would actually work great in our micro apartment.

Right now we don’t have a coffee table at all. Or any type of guest sleeping situation.

So this would solve both of those problems with one piece of furniture which is pretty cool.

I’m not sure I’d use this on a tiny house on wheels because there’s usually not enough space for coffee tables.

But in a tiny cabin it would work great because you’re not limited on the width of the structure to meet road laws.

Learn more about this coffee table that doubles as a guest bed here.

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Prefab Dome Home: The Great Alternative Small House?


“DOM (E) is perfect for those who value unconventional space, easily foldable, durable environmentally friendly use of materials and construction, with lower costs compared to traditional construction and rational use of natural energy supply.” (Source)







There’s something about this little dome home that resonates with me so well.

It seems so much more spacious than it actually is. Still small, but not tiny.

Lots of open space but still plenty of separation so a family can be comfortable here.

“Solar panels located at the top of the roof are connected to the hot water tank, providing toilet facilities and kitchen with warm water. Drainage system which is located around the perimeter can be connected to rainwater collection tank.” (Source)

“Shape of the building provides natural air exchange. The fresh air supply to the building is provided through 4 points by underground duct system which provides the heating of fresh air during the winter and cooling in summer. At the top of the dome adjustable vertical communication channel is provided for used air. Heating – fireplace with warm air heating pipe system.” (Source)

More info and pics on this geodesic dome home here.

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Tiny Cabin with Beach View in Hawaii


This is a tiny cabin (that feels like a treehouse) you can rent located literally right by the beach of North Shore in Hawaii as you will be able to see in the pics below. This is just one vacation I am so in love with (and am probably going to start saving up for to go myself).

As you can see the exterior really fits the setting of a treehouse in Hawaii and I really like how it’s surrounded by all types of trees (avocado, banyan, mango) and black lava rock which makes it feel like the perfect sheltered getaway.

The host of this cabin/treehouse says that some of his guests visit specifically to meditate and do yoga so there is a huge communal yoga deck overlooking the beach on the same property.

The unit itself is 250 square feet and features a very impressive interior which you can see below.


I love this view from the treehouse overlooking the beach (which the host states is world famous for surfing).


Another stunning view of this awesome treehouse below.


Something the host noted that I found interesting is that Hawaii is home to some of the best grown organic foods in the world which locals call “food of the Gods”.

I really encourage you to see the many more photos the host has here as they are all breathtaking and check out the great reviews from the guests that have already visited. Makes me really want to go!

Hand Built Gypsy Wagon for Rent in Seattle, WA


Here’s a modern day gypsy wagon built on wheels that you can rent in Seattle, WA. I like how it has the built in front porch over the tongue of the trailer similar to this tiny house.

This would be the perfect place to stay if you’re thinking about attending one of Tumbleweed’s upcoming workshops in Seattle (not a hands on workshop though but still a great chance to get together and meet with other like minded people).


This looks like the perfect place to get some rest after a long day of exploring the town or attending a workshop.


For more pics and info on how to book your own stay click here.