Car Tent so you can Camp in the City





Can you believe it? There are actually tents out there designed to look like a car cover so you can go camping in the city, in a parking spot, without being noticed. I hope you found it interesting/entertaining too as I don’t recommend it but it made me smile today.

Images: Geekologie

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  1. On a rainy day, I think I’d have a problem with this. But very interesting concept that would probably work best in Europe, but I wouldn’t give it even odds in NYC.

  2. I’m with you Alex, it’s more funny than practical. I’d be afraid of someone doing a bad job parallel parking and running over me in my sleep! Yeesh!

  3. Well, here I deviate from the postings on a serious note. You could have stumbled upon a huge fix that tiny houses could not. No one wants to see a tent city or a cardboard homeless camp. However, they wouldn’t think twice about walking by some rich guy’s car under a car cover! Homeless could be everywhere and go unnoticed. All in one parking space. In an ally, on the street, in a car park or out in a field. Just something to chew on…

  4. I can almost imagine this little number has a hefty price tag on it so doubt if the homeless could even buy one and you would want to tie it down somehow as the city winds caused by building vortex could send you off to oz in a hell of a hurry. The only use for this is to toss the frame work (can you imagine carrying that anyway), buy a beater, sleep in that and cover it so it looks like some rich guys toy but then again you could be stolen in the night (shock to the thieves LOL). Cute story, one of my boys lived in his car years ago after moving to a new city and waiting to get into an apartment. He phoned me for a credit card number late one evening because he went for a bathroom break and walk along the beach; he needed my card as his was in the car that had been towed because he bordered on a no parking spot. How do you refuse your kid when laughingly he said, “they towed my home Dad”.

    Once again things are changing in my world and I am off on another adventure so am not even going to mess around. This project is on hold once again. I have a cube van, am putting a bed in it, the BBQ, the Colman portable shower, porta potty and can park anywhere without being noticed in any town, village or city and when time allows, I will stay in that when back here until this is finished or I kick off. If the van gives up the ghost, I will just buy another one similar, back it up to the old one and transfer living amenities. Hell, at the rate I am going I will be ready to hit the geezer farm as a babbling idiot (don’t say out loud that I have a head start, I am sensitive) before things straighten out so if the life of a street gypsy is meant for me until then, I’ll have at it. I have a very nice tender comfort friend who thinks I am kind of cute, she is very cute and lives within 4 hours of the all places I have to be around in a nice comfortable home so that will be an oasis among my confusion. Relationships never seem to get old when you are away for a couple of weeks at a time without any financial interest in each other’s life anyway. My nephew once introduced me to a friend as his cool uncle, the families “geriatric gypsy” so maybe that is my destiny. Anyway, it’s kind of fun, I should start a blog just so I can keep track of myself.

    1. Well, be safe in you travels. As for the babbling, I didn’t bring that up…. 🙂
      Enjoy the freedom the road brings and the adventure that America’s roads can be. Start your blog so that we can read all about it, babblers unite! 😛

    2. hefty price tag for a child’s tent that actually goes in the woods? lol. someone just thought it would be funny to take a picture of it on the street and call it something other than what it really is and you fell for it. My goodness…people will believe anything you tell them these days.

  5. That’s what I am talking about Mark, and not a bad price but a little small for my beater. Crissie, you’re not the Crissie who tickled me while getting off the floor on a First Aid Course the other day are you? LOL, tore a muscle in my side getting up so when she tried to help, she knew where I was ticklish and gave it a little finger. Pleasantly plump old guys shouldn’t laugh while trying that death defying stunt. If you are, it’s OK, I still love ya.

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