580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin

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580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin







14’7″ x 27′ 580 sq. ft. cabin has a living area, porch space, kitchen, bathroom, bunk rooms and loft space so there’s plenty of space for everybody. The kitchen’s pretty small but this particular model seems to be made for a summer log cabin or vacation house.

Images: Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes

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Mike says:

Tough crowd! I would turn the single bed space into a small laundry off the kitchenette and a closet for the bedroom (along the exterior wall)

Darcy says:

Hmm, obviously designed by a man.

Allie Gower says:

These are camping cabins, we had them at a campground I worked at. If they were designed to be lived in year round, I’m sure they would be different. I’d love to have one, I stayed in one for a few months, never felt small, I liked it.

Dennis Reynolds says:

Allie, there may be camping cabins like these, but these ARE designed to be LIVED in.

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