580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin








14’7″ x 27′ 580 sq. ft. cabin has a living area, porch space, kitchen, bathroom, bunk rooms and loft space so there’s plenty of space for everybody. The kitchen’s pretty small but this particular model seems to be made for a summer log cabin or vacation house.

Images: Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes

Learn more here.

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The Osprey: 513 Sq. Ft. Modular Modern Home

513 Sq. Ft. Modular Home

This one bedroom one bath 513 sq. ft. home I thought was a great alternative to live simply in without going “extremely” small. It’s called the Osprey by Nationwide Custom Homes and I’ll show you the floor plan below.

It has a spacious great room that opens up to the covered deck you see above allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even if its raining. This Osprey model works for people who want to live in one full-time but it also works as a relatively simple, small and easy to maintain second home.

The exterior is designed to be made of metal so its easy to upkeep. It also has some modern features like a heated floor in the bathroom for when you get out of the shower. Personally I’m fine with a towel, but hey..

Here’s what I really like: you can get optional features that can help you go completely off the grid if you wanted to. They offer SmartSun glass windows and doors which help you with reducing cooling/heating efforts.

Hot water is provided by a tankless instant heat system. Of course you can pick one of these up for relatively cheap these days. The Ecotemp L5 model is a popular instant tankless water heater amongst tiny housers.

And to top it off you can have thin solar panels installed up on your roof to provide power without any hook ups to the electrical grid.

Dimensions: 13’6″ x 52′

Osprey Floor Plan

Images: Nationwide Custom Homes

More information and photos- including interior shots- are available here. Explore their other small cottage models here.

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117 Sq. Ft. NO Loft Tiny Home: Tumbleweed Elm 20 Horizon

Tumbleweed Tiny House with No Sleeping Loft

Tumbleweed’s New Homes and Floor Plans

I wanted to let you know that Tumbleweed has released several new floor plans and tiny house designs that you might be interested in. Now they let you choose a house design and then match it up with your favorite floor plan. In this case we’re looking at the Elm 20 tiny house with the Horizon floor plan which is a one level design. This means you’ve got a bedroom downstairs so no sleeping loft. And it still fits on a 20′ trailer so it’s easy to tow.

Is this too small or just right?

Do you like this design enough to build or buy one to live in? Or would you rather go with- perhaps- a 30′ long design instead so you can have even more space for storage, living area, etc?

I’m curious so please share your thoughts on this in the comments if you’re willing. Thanks!

More Tiny House Designs from Tumbleweed

I want you to check out Tumbleweed’s new plans page because they’ve changed quite a lot and I definitely think they’ve made lots of improvements. Check it out and let me know what you think… And which is your favorite?

If you like the Elm 20, get more photos/info on this design here.

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Homebox 1 Portable Three Story Tiny House


Bed & Couch


Kitchen and Staircase from Loft



Homebox 1 Being Installed After Move


Kitchen with Simple Gravity Water System


Convertible Furniture & Sofa


Pull Out Dining Table and Front Porch


Floor Plan / Drawings


“In the size of an internationally standardized freight container a wooden container has been developed with different variants for residential uses. The box can be shipped around the world and placed with standard lifting and transport systems for containers.” (source)

This tiny house is designed to be movable so it can be placed just about anywhere as long as you can get to and from there. Another idea for these structures is to use them in groups to create permanent or temporary container villages.

So they can be used in disaster situations. But they can also be used to house students, workers and folks in desperate need of housing throughout the world.

The company decided to create a wooden container versus using recycled steel because of repair and maintenance reasons. When asked why a wooden container, here’s what the organization had to say, “Steel containers are used worldwide. But wear, repair and maintenance of steel materials are more costly (in terms of purchasing costs, welding, etc.) than for wooden materials.”

They continue by saying, “Wood structures can be repaired cheaper and easier.” In addition, “Living in a wooden home is healthier and more comfortable than one made of steel.”

What are your thoughts on this wooden container tiny house? Please share in the comments below.

Learn more about the Homebox 1 here and here. And you can visit the architect here.

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800 square feet Small Cottage Design from 1924


1924 by Stetson & Post Lumber, Seattle

This design is called the Rainier View.

I love what the folks over at Antique Home Style have to say about it,

“About the only change we would make to this tiny cottage bungalow would be to add windows to the kitchen nook on three sides. There are two bedrooms with closets (both of which have windows for ventilation) and space for a fireplace if desired. There is approximately 800 sf of living space equivalent to many modern two -bedroom apartments and large enough to house one or two people comfortably. Sweet!” (Source)

What would you add or change to make this little home better for you? And why?

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ASAP•house Micro House

ASAP Series M - 4unit-front 2-2:1

ASAP S .8 Plan

ASAP•house is introducing a line of architect designed, healthy, energy efficient and simple to build modern prefab Micro Homes. The homes range in size from 400 sf to 800 sf and incorporate built it furniture to make then even more space efficient. For more information please visit www.asaphouse.com

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Modern Prefab UFO Tiny House from the 60s


This is a totally out of this world tiny house designed by architect Matti Suuronen in 1968.

The nature of it’s design reflects back to the 60s and 70s.

It was accommodated to fit up to 8 people and constructed out of reinforced plastic.

They had a plan to mass produce it (prefab) to make it affordable for everyone.

It was light-weight so it can be mobile but had to be transported by a helicopter.

Anyways, here are the specifications from the original futuro website along with more photos of it below:

    •  polyester exterior 
    •  colors white, light-blue, yellow or red
    •  height 4 meters
    •  diameter 8 meters
    •  weight 4000 kilos
    •  floor space 25 square meters
    •  20 oval shaped windows
    •  retractable stairs entrance
    •  6 bed-seats plus 1 double bed-seat
    • central fire place and bbq
    •  kitchen
    •  bathroom with toilet

Check out some pics of the interior as well:


The floor plan of the Futuro


More interior pics

bed seats


A modern futuro:




Here’s another awesome pic of the exterior, don’t mind Mr. Alien riding the pelican (lol). futuro-las

What do you think about this? Would you consider a modern prefab tiny house like this? I think I would.




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