Tumbleweed’s New Homes and Floor Plans

I wanted to let you know that Tumbleweed has released several new floor plans and tiny house designs that you might be interested in. Now they let you choose a house design and then match it up with your favorite floor plan. In this case we’re looking at the Elm 20 tiny house with the Horizon floor plan which is a one level design. This means you’ve got a bedroom downstairs so no sleeping loft. And it still fits on a 20′ trailer so it’s easy to tow.

Is this too small or just right?

Do you like this design enough to build or buy one to live in? Or would you rather go with- perhaps- a 30′ long design instead so you can have even more space for storage, living area, etc?

I’m curious so please share your thoughts on this in the comments if you’re willing. Thanks!

More Tiny House Designs from Tumbleweed

I want you to check out Tumbleweed’s new plans page because they’ve changed quite a lot and I definitely think they’ve made lots of improvements. Check it out and let me know what you think… And which is your favorite?

If you like the Elm 20, get more photos/info on this design here.

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