580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin








14’7″ x 27′ 580 sq. ft. cabin has a living area, porch space, kitchen, bathroom, bunk rooms and loft space so there’s plenty of space for everybody. The kitchen’s pretty small but this particular model seems to be made for a summer log cabin or vacation house.

Images: Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes

Learn more here.

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400 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin: The Totems






“A compact (400 sq. ft.) dovetailed log cabin with a 150 sq. ft. loft, placed exactly on the footprint of a derelict homesteader’s log cabin in Paradise Valley North of Squamish, BC.” (source)

Photos by Stuart Bish

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Russian Barn Style Small Log Cabin Cottage














I just love this style of cabin because it’s a mashup of a cottage, log cabin and barn all in one. And not tiny, but small and still very spacious. Looks like it would be a really awesome place to have out in nature somewhere on your own land.

More info and pics here.

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Small Russian Log Cabin

Small Russian Log Cabin-01

Small Russian Log Cabin-02

Small Russian Log Cabin-03

Small Russian Log Cabin-04

Small Russian Log Cabin-05

Small Russian Log Cabin-06

Small Russian Log Cabin-07

Small Russian Log Cabin-08

Small Russian Log Cabin-09

Small Russian Log Cabin-10

Small Russian Log Cabin-11

Small Russian Log Cabin-12

Small Russian Log Cabin-13

Small Russian Log Cabin-14

Small Russian Log Cabin-15

Small Russian Log Cabin-16

Images: Airbnb

I just love this 2 story log cabin home. It has two loft style bedrooms on the second floor and there’s a downstairs sleeping area too. The bathroom is pretty modern for a log cabin in my opinion but I think it’s perfect. I’d love to have a small cabin like this on my own property somewhere in a peaceful setting near a lake or in the forest. One of my favorite parts about it is the upstairs balcony. More info and pics here. How about you?

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Simple Log Cabin Living near Yosemite










This small log cabin is the epitome of American simple living. To me, it’s iconic. The most basic form of shelter that expresses American culture in the form of rustic beauty and simplicity. I just love it. And to me there’s no better way to spend quality time with friends and family than in a log cabin like this one. And it would be even better to call something like this home… Home for a lifetime. This particular cabin is on a twenty acre piece of property in the Sierra National Forest near Yosemite and is “sisters” with this A-frame cabin and this one. All of which are available for vacation rentals.

Images: Boutique Homes

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Tiny Fairytale Log Cabin

Swedish Fairytale Tiny Cottage

I just love this fairytale tiny log cabin during a sunset (or sunrise?) by the mountains somewhere in Sweden with a living roof.

What’s your dream tiny home like? Is it a log cabin, cottage, or tiny home on wheels?

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn

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Tiny Camouflage Log Cabin in the Woods

Tiny Camouflage Cabin in the Woods

I had to show you this tiny camouflage cabin in the woods that’s perfect for off grid tiny living. It blends right into the scenery and you can tell that all materials to build the home were harvested locally. Location is believed to be in Girdwood, Alaska in a National Park forest.

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Tiny Log Cabins available in England







For those of us in the UK, it can be tricky to find pre-built tiny houses. It seems there are a lot of US sites that offer delivery and construction of tiny houses, and it can get pretty frustrating seeing the beautiful work available to citizens of the US of A, knowing that delivery to the UK would be an expensive (and possibly impossible) process!

Fear not, Great Britains! I have found a company based in Surrey, England. They are Creative Living Cabins at http://www.creativelivingcabins.co.uk/
They sell a variety of cabins and offer full delivery and installation, and they offer a bespoke cabin service.
Their wood is also harvested from sustainable forests, which is great!

I am fairly new to tiny houses and do not have the funds to start my project yet, but I am definitely going to check these out and go and visit one of their 3 display villages!

What do you think?

Little Log Cabin for Simple Living

Little Log Cabin

Log cabins are so iconic to me. Notice the American flag hanging on the porch.

This is simple living at it’s finest, isn’t it? You’ve got rocking chairs and even a swing.

Did you know you can build a tiny home on wheels with siding so that it looks like a log cabin?

It’s true! Check this one out because you might just love it. And you can book a stay in it too.

Tiny Log Cabin Community


Wouldn’t this be an awesome community? The log cabins are a little too close together but I still like the general idea.

I’m sure that this is not an actual community but most likely a vacation spot somewhere. To me it’s just encouraging to see photos like this because they help me imagine what a tiny house community could be like.

And a real tiny house community should have more space in between the houses, wouldn’t you agree? Still a beautiful photo and setting though. And depending on the neighbors, I still might even consider it. How about you?

Simple but Spacious Log Cabin vs Tiny Log Cabin


The log cabin above is still simple and small. But relative to the tiny log cabin below it seems kind of huge, doesn’t it? Beautiful though. I really like it.

Log Cabin

I imagine the cabin above is only suitable for sleeping. It’s a sort of bunk house I would guess.

But there might just be enough room for a corner bed, kitchenette, storage, and maybe, just maybe.. a bathroom. But I think that might be pushing it.

So given the choice. Which cabin would you take? The larger and way more expensive log cabin. Or this simple, tiny log cabin?

I’d have to go with the larger one because otherwise I think I’d have to be by myself! How about you?