Small Russian Log Cabin

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Images: Airbnb

I just love this 2 story log cabin home. It has two loft style bedrooms on the second floor and there’s a downstairs sleeping area too. The bathroom is pretty modern for a log cabin in my opinion but I think it’s perfect. I’d love to have a small cabin like this on my own property somewhere in a peaceful setting near a lake or in the forest. One of my favorite parts about it is the upstairs balcony. More info and pics here. How about you?

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  1. The staircase is outstanding! The layout simple, open, and welcoming. I like the use of brick in the fireplace and the overall use of wood in its more natural state, like the beams on the front porch is really to my liking.
    As always, Thanks for sharing the wonder and beauty of simple living from around the world.

  2. Something odd about this one. Looks to me like the interiors are from 2 different houses. The walls on the interiors don’t seem to match up with the outside shape. I would be concerned with the 2nd bathroom, its a bit of squeeze to get past the toilet to exit the shower. I wouldn’t expect to find that type of problem in a house this size. Otherwise it has a nice ambiance and feels like a giant hug.

    1. Wow! I love this. The staircase is lovely. I agree with Nerida, there may be two homes at play here or the angles from the camera are causing this effect. Very nice.

  3. There are two homes here. Look at the photo of the entire stairs, at the tip is a wall with a door. The picture of the pool table–there is no wall at the top of the stairs. There are two different bathrooms. One shower has black skirting and the toilet is to the right with the hot water heat above it. The other has no black skirting, the toilet is to the left, and the hot water heater is over the sink.

  4. I love, love , LOVE this cabin. Oh my Lord what I would give to have one like this or maybe a bit smaller. How much did this one cost?

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