Ledo Bunk Beds for Tiny Houses: Murphy Bed Style


These bunk beds are really expensive at about $3,800 USD but I thought the idea is pretty interesting for a tiny house. And if you ever have kids over they’ve got a place to sleep. It can use some side rails up top though, that’s for sure. But besides that I thought it was pretty cool. What do you think? See how it works below, too:


The dimensions are 39″ wide and 87″ tall. When it’s closed it’s 24″ in depth. When the beds are out it extends out a 89″. More info here.

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4 thoughts on “Ledo Bunk Beds for Tiny Houses: Murphy Bed Style”

  1. When you compare the led beds to the foldaway bunks you have shown before, for about the same money, the foldaway beds seem a degree fit for space. They are along the wall rather than perpendicular to the wall. Perhaps just my preference though.
    Trying to build on a budget? Try some way of day for sure. $3-4000 is a big hit on the pocketbook.
    Cool ideas both.

  2. Another spin to put on it would be to have a fold-down table on the outer layer, so that when the guests aren’t there, you can use the space as an office or game room or…

  3. I have looked at log cabins by TrophyAmish. A recurring theme is a loft at each end. At one end, the loft is lower where it serves as an upper, narrower bunk beneath which is a full or queen bunk, beneath which are huge storage drawers. Pretty clever, I thought. Just remember this. If I build such a cabin — and your kids show up to sleep, they will be made to make their beds before breakfast. I know, I know. I do not make my bed. That will not change.. I have reached that estimable age at which I simply do NOT practice what I preach.


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