Ledo Bunk Beds for Tiny Houses: Murphy Bed Style


These bunk beds are really expensive at about $3,800 USD but I thought the idea is pretty interesting for a tiny house. And if you ever have kids over they’ve got a place to sleep. It can use some side rails up top though, that’s for sure. But besides that I thought it was pretty cool. What do you think? See how it works below, too:


The dimensions are 39″ wide and 87″ tall. When it’s closed it’s 24″ in depth. When the beds are out it extends out a 89″. More info here.

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Murphy Style Bunk Beds: Meet the Ledo


Image: FlyingBeds.com

This unique murphy bed style bunk bed is available in maple, cherry and white melamine. It’ll cost you, though, at $3,822 USD with mattresses included. Wall mounting is required for safety. Unfortunately there is no railing in the top bunk so these are NOT suitable for children. I couldn’t help to think that this design is great for a multi-functional bunk guest bedroom in a tiny house. Maybe this would fit in the downstairs bedroom of the Tumbleweed Lusby?

I think these would also work well in a backyard structure that you might normally use as an office, hobby room or hang out. This way when guests do come over they can have a place to stay with some privacy. So it’s a neat way to turn any room into a multi-functional bedroom of sorts. And it could probably work in a tiny home on wheels too. What do you think?

Get more info on these “flying beds” here.

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Basic All Wood Bunk Bed Design


┬ęGiacomo Mulas

I thought this basic bunk bed design would be great for a tiny house or a really small cabin where any children might be sharing a room. It seems like a basic design that most carpenters would be able to do for you and if you focused on it I’m sure you could build it too.

Tour the rest of the minimalist home where this bunk bed was built here.

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Fold Away Bunk Beds for Tiny Homes?



Wanted to show you these hiding bunk beds today because I think they’re perfect for small spaces especially tiny houses. If you have young children and want to build your own cabin or small home this is a great way to squeeze the kids in.

And they’ll be able to fold away the beds and use their space for play during the day. Unfortunately these beds are really pricey but the design is great and make for some serious inspiration when going tiny or when you’re trying to get the most out of your space.

To learn more about furniture like this designed by Roberto Gil visit Casa Kids here.

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Bunk Beds of the Future: It Really Ties the Room Together


Photo Credit Laura Ballinger Design

I found this bunk bed design to be genius because of the way that it ties the room together. Yes, I think I just quoted the Big Lebowski.

It’s not just bedding. It’s a bedroom. A hang out loft. AND a closet with built-in staircase to the loft.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see more beautifully designed furnishings and homes like this.

Sadly, it usually takes a pricey architect to create something this amazing. But wouldn’t it be worth it since you’d get to enjoy it for life?

I honestly wonder how much something like this would run someone.