All-in-one Furniture: Entertainment Center, Bedroom & Office in one




Architect Nicholas Gurney did something very creative in this small apartment to make better use of the limited space. One piece of furniture serves as an entertainment center with storage, bedroom, and even office. And there are even bookshelves and drawers too. How would you like to have something like this in your small space?


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  1. The problem with this kind of thing is that for example I would have to clean up my desk and put things away just to take a nap, or in other cases, to eat.

  2. As I decipher the pocket door, what happens if you have to do a certain business in the middle of the night?

  3. I can’t tell if that is a folding wall or pocket door hiding the bed. To the left it looks like an opening to a closet or bath then when the bed is exposed there are shelves blocking the doorway. If that little room is a bath, I would want the door exposed for nighttime use.

  4. I would put the desk on a swivel so it just rests out of the way. Allowing everything to stay on but in a small space this option could be the only option.Could be a nice add on option. You could customize the crap out of this. One of my favorites and I’m a crack head for tiny homes and multifunctional furniture.

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