Parking your Tiny House and then Adding a Large Covered Porch





If you’re like me you love tiny houses but you might also realize how little outdoor space they usually come with (if any at all).

In most cases it’s just enough to keep you covered in the rain while you unlock your front door.

And again, if you’re like me, you want more outdoor space than this!

And it is nice to have that space easily accessible from your front door.

That’s why I love what this guy did with his 192 sq. ft. tiny home once he parked it on his land…

He built a separate stick built covered front porch since he doesn’t really plan on moving the house anyway.

This is the same tiny house project with the DIY hidden TV cabinet I showed you a few days ago.

Great idea! And the solar panels are nice, too! More info on this post too. Be sure to browse around his blog for more (it’s really interesting!)

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  1. Love me a big covered porch! here in Michigan we would have to screen it in though. Our skeeters would carry you away! Nicely done!

    1. Me too, thanks Renee! Makes for some really nice outdoor space. And this one is much more usable than the ones that normally come with tiny houses.

  2. The owner of this tiny house had similar (hide the tv and have a porch) ideas as I did when I had my tiny home built. I made a vintage style pantry to hide my flat screen television while it also serves a purpose as a food pantry. I also think having a functional front porch just makes a lot of sense. I have a full time attached 6′ x 8′ front porch that I love, but I can also appreciate the detached front porch that this tiny home features.

  3. I love the tiny house idea and hope to have one in the future. The porch is great but like most tiny homes it is on the front. I actually like the side doors better as they are larger and you can have a sliding glass door if wanted. I would at the point put a porch “probably the whole front and on one end”. Screening some if not all of it in and you get your summer rooms to sleep in and no mosquitos”. I can’t wait to get my own tiny house

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