Parking your Tiny House and then Adding a Large Covered Porch





If you’re like me you love tiny houses but you might also realize how little outdoor space they usually come with (if any at all).

In most cases it’s just enough to keep you covered in the rain while you unlock your front door.

And again, if you’re like me, you want more outdoor space than this!

And it is nice to have that space easily accessible from your front door.

That’s why I love what this guy did with his 192 sq. ft. tiny home once he parked it on his land…

He built a separate stick built covered front porch since he doesn’t really plan on moving the house anyway.

This is the same tiny house project with the DIY hidden TV cabinet I showed you a few days ago.

Great idea! And the solar panels are nice, too! More info on this post too. Be sure to browse around his blog for more (it’s really interesting!)

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Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin







I thought you’d also enjoy this modern day version of a Thoreau cabin. No amenities just pure and simple. A micro cabin to sleep and write in. Personally I’d love to spend some time with myself in something like this. Maybe even use that time to write, reflect and plan. How about you? This would also be really cool to have in your current backyard if you’re allowed to. It’s pretty stealthy too. Looks like a tiny barn shed for storage. More info on this modern day solar cabin here.

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CO2 Neutral Solar Powered Shield House in Spain

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-01

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-02

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-03

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-04

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-05

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-06

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-07

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-08

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-09

Solar Powered Shield House in Spain-10

This solar powered house in Spain is elevated from the ground and has a direct view of the Atlantic ocean where you can enjoy amazing sunsets. I can just see the sky shows reflecting on the water right from inside or outside on the deck which wraps around the home.

Another interest part is that the house is on a wind farm and is on the property of the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies in Montaña Pelada which is a nature park in Spain. According to this article, the home is CO2 neutral and delicately designed and perfected for the climate in the area.

Images: Boutique Homes

Rates and information in case you’re interested in staying here are available here.

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Solar Shingles for Tiny Houses?


Ever think about adding solar power to your future tiny house or cabin? Did you know that solar shingles now exist and are becoming available? So you know what my next question is… Would you consider using these for your future home? I really like the seamless design and how you wouldn’t have to attach extra panels to your roof or anything. I’m always up to consider an all-in-one solution like this. Or just about anything that makes more use out of the same thing. And this accomplishes just that!

Photo Credit Beach Side Solar Hawaii

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The Porter Cottage: A Tiny Modern Cabin with Solitude







Photos by Eirick Johnson. Architect & design by Alex Scott Porter. Originally featured on Dwell.

I find this to be the perfect size for comfortable tiny house living with a significant other. It’s just big enough to each enjoy your own space and not have to bump into each other getting to and from everything but still so small that you hardly have to spend any time cleaning or maintaining.

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Solar Powered Yurt Home in New York


Solar Powered Yurt Cabin in Upstate New York


Kitchen and Dining Area







To the Bedroom






Back to the Living Area






Bathroom in a 700 Sq. Ft. Yurt




700 Square Feet Solar Powered Yurt with Deck



Book a stay in this solar yurt vacation rental in upstate New York or just learn more about it here.

“Solar powered, 700 sq ft circular tent with a 5’ skylight at the center complete with bedroom (Queen sized bed), living room (Fold out Queen Futon)/dining area, kitchen (small refrigerator, oven and cook top, sink), bathroom (sink, shower/bathtub, toilet) sleeping loft and deck. The Yurt is well insulated, has baseboard heat and a lovely gas fireplace, outside the front door is a deck with a private barbeque and nearby a private fire pit so you can sit by the camp fire and roast marshmallows.” (Source)

If, like me, you’ve also thought about other alternative structures you’re probably also interested in yurts. They don’t work very well in my hometown (Florida) but I’d definitely consider them for other parts of the world. Wooden yurt cabins are also really cool.

Book a stay in this solar yurt vacation rental in upstate New York or just learn more about it here.

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Solar Powered Pontoon Tiny House


Photo Credit MIT

Here’s a tiny house that inspires change. It’s 100% solar powered and built on a pontoon. If I remember correctly there are solar panels that are built right into the roof. The power collected from these panels are stored and will be used to run everything in the house including the electric motor that will be able to move the home at around 2-5 mph. Read the original article here.

Video of Tiny House Being Moved

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Really Small House with Solar Power and a Pool

Swiming pool and bungalow

What do you think of this tiny little bungalow with solar panels on the roof? Or are they to heat the pool? I can’t tell for sure.

I know that for many of you this might be too big. But I also know that lots of you who are reading find that tiny houses are probably too impractical.

And that might be because you want to live with others or you simply need a little more space because of your hobbies/needs.

If that’s the case, I highly encourage you to consider something just a little bit larger. This might be too luxurious, but for some of you I’m sure you’ll find it just right.

Or maybe you can start tiny and over the years obtain something like this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on tiny versus small in the comments below if you’d be willing to share.