Lobster Pod Tiny House







Images © TheLobsterPod

Learn more: http://www.thelobsterpod.com/

The Lobster Pod was created not so much for tiny living but instead for people who work at home and want a backyard studio/office. It was also created for camping and vacation experiences. But even though it wasn’t intended for tiny living, it can definitely be used for it if one wanted to, right? How would you customize this little lobster pod to make it the perfect little house for yourself?

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Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin







I thought you’d also enjoy this modern day version of a Thoreau cabin. No amenities just pure and simple. A micro cabin to sleep and write in. Personally I’d love to spend some time with myself in something like this. Maybe even use that time to write, reflect and plan. How about you? This would also be really cool to have in your current backyard if you’re allowed to. It’s pretty stealthy too. Looks like a tiny barn shed for storage. More info on this modern day solar cabin here.

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200 Sq. Ft. Showcase Sheds Dara Tiny House

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-01

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-02

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-03

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-04

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-05

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-06

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-07

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-08

Showcase Sheds Tiny Homes-09

This is a 200 sq. ft. tiny home designed and built by Showcase Sheds & More in Arkansas. It’s a 10×20 dimension structure that they can build for you. It has vaulted ceilings, lots of windows and enough room for all your favorite items to live simply with. This model is called the DARA and costs about $26,950+ tax if you pay cash. That includes free delivery within 50 miles of Cave Springs, Arkansas. More info here.

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Tiny Cabin Kit with a Loft

Micro Cabin with Loft

This micro cabin has a 12 x 12 footprint but is still considered under 100 sq. ft. for permitting purposes since the enclosed space is just 8 x 12. And you’d still have the upstairs sleeping loft to work with that actually seems like it would be pretty spacious especially with the windows int he design.

More info and photos are available here. Pricing for the kit is around $19k. Or you can buy the plans and DIY.

Image: CabanaVillage

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KitHAUS Tiny Modern Cabins and Backyard Offices

KitHAUS K2 and K3 modules connected to make Tiny Home

Image: KitHAUS

KitHAUS is a modular prefab housing company based in LA. They make great tiny structures for backyards, campgrounds or to live in full-time.

These can be guest houses, backyards offices, pool houses and more. The company offers six different variations of modules ranging from 100 square feet to 289 square feet.

All units are customizable and very versatile. This means you can connect them together, combine two different modules, and more. So you can get pretty creative.




Images: KitHAUS

Pricing starts at just under $20,000 and goes all the way up to more than $75,000 for the larger units. Learn more here.

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Mighty Sheds and Cabanas Gable Style Tiny House




The folks over at Mighty-shed seem to have perfected making tiny structures for people. They build sheds and cabanas for people who use them for various purposes.

This is their Gable Style design which is 200 square feet and features a front roof extension.

Did you know your local county building authority allows accessory 
buildings to be constructed with out a permit. The most common size max. is 200 sq.ft.(12×16) as dictated by the International Building Code. 12’x16’ structures come in under the 200 sq.ft. threshold allowing you the ability to have a large multi purpose structure constructed in your back yard or on your vacation property. Some areas allow more. Most people do not realize that they are allowed this benefit. Mighty Cabanas & Sheds can show you how to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your lifestyle. (Source)

I really love that Mighty-shed, based out of Renton, WA, is giving people solutions to the problems you can run into with building permits when trying to simplify our lives.

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Little Yellow Cottage


Photo Credit: Jonas Tegnerud

Check out this cool little cottage surrounding by a fresh well groomed garden.

Looks like a real peaceful getaway in the forest somewhere.

I would love having this on my property to enjoy nature and the beautiful little cottage.

Most likely it’s just a garden shed, but it really could make for a great livable tiny house with a little TLC.

It looks to be around 150-200 square feet to me, what would you say?

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Free Micro Gambrel Tiny House Plans


I wanted to be sure you knew about this new and FREE “Micro Gambrel” tiny house plans that Michael Janzen just released.

It’s a great little design that you can use in the back yard for a variety of uses. It can be a micro guest house, writing studio or tiny private hangout with an upstairs sleeping loft for naps or reading.

What would you use it for? If you want to download the plans with dimensions they’re available here.

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