Tiny Cabin Kit with a Loft

Micro Cabin with Loft

This micro cabin has a 12 x 12 footprint but is still considered under 100 sq. ft. for permitting purposes since the enclosed space is just 8 x 12. And you’d still have the upstairs sleeping loft to work with that actually seems like it would be pretty spacious especially with the windows int he design.

More info and photos are available here. Pricing for the kit is around $19k. Or you can buy the plans and DIY.

Image: CabanaVillage

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  1. Cute but for the same materials you could have cute and 2x’s the interior space on the same footprint.

    If you are going to do a loft like this, just do a second floor. And/or close in the porch replaced with a deck and PV roof.

  2. Cute – but over-priced. Agree with jerryd, adding a 4′ porch to a nice boxy footprint gives you that 2nd floor and better quality of life – like being able to stand up straight when you get out of bed.

  3. our zoning considered everything under roof as square footage inside or out. i was building our dream home then and we were going to have an 8′ front porch. that porch ran the length of the home and would have added 240 sq ft. to the tax rolls for that home. just check local zoning first. you don’t want the size to lead to permits if you don’t have to.

  4. Their products look really neat! However, it’s kind of a waste to show the outside and not the inside. I live on the inside of the house, not the outside. I hope they’ll see this and that I can encourage them to add pictures of where it’s most important.

  5. My municipality considers anything under the roof to be square footage. And their limit without a permit is 100 sq. ft. And it can’t have electricity. The height limit is 15 feet, but it can’t be two-storey. I guess a loft would be all right, though. Anyway, this is pretty, and $20,000 may or may not be too much, depending on what it includes. But mine will have to be tinier.

  6. The shed dormer and front dormer make this tiny house quite roomy. Bath can be on 2d floor w/bdrm — but those dormers and windows make up $7-8000 of cost. Choose your poison. I am interested.

    Tom Z

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