Tiny Cabin in Belize

This is a tiny cabin in Belize sent in to us from one of our awesome readers. He says Belize is tiny house heaven! There are three growing seasons and even during the non-growing season you can still use a shade cloth over your garden so you can grow your own food year round!

Would you move to Belize to live in a tiny house on your own little homestead?

Our big thanks to William Simpson for sharing!

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Tiny Cabin Escape

Tiny Cabin Escape

My Homer weekend escape from the big city and road system to beachfront simplicity.


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484 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny Cabin Inspired by Birds and UFOs: The Ufogel



















Located in the Alps in Austria and designed by Peter Jungmann. It’s named Ufogel. More info here. It’s available for rent as a vacation, too. Info on that available here.

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Tiny Backyard Guest Studio











“The one-room light-filled studio is perfect for a single or couple. It has a comfortable full-sized bed with nice linens, a small table and chairs, coat and luggage racks (there is no closet), and a place to sit and read while you enjoy complimentary tea and coffee. Whatever season you are visiting Portland in, you will find the studio to be quite comfortable.” (source)

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Multi-Story Yurt Cabin (Grain Silo) for $147k w/ 7 Acres





Images: Realtor.com


Image: Jennifer May for the New York Times


Image: Jennifer May for the New York Times

“Incredibly Unique & Dramatic Silo inspired Home on 7+ acres. Never accused of being ordinary, this private cylindrical house is nestled in the woods just 3 miles from Belleayre Ski Center. Inside you will find a full eat-in kitchen on the first level. As you ascend the staircase along the wall you come to the second level where there is delightful living room area complete with sleeping loft and bathroom. Continue on to the third floor to find an incredible panoramic view from the bedroom. Heavenly.. This is truly an amazing space and an incredible opportunity to own a one of a kind property in the breathtaking Catskill Mountains. Needs some TLC but well worth the effort.” (source)

More photos and information provided at the MLS listing on Realtor.com.

Also featured in the NY Times here.

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484 Sq. Ft. Modern & Unique Tiny Cabin





Designed by Saunders Architecture.

“Summerhouse Aaland was designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen in the Fall of 2002. This house takes the form of a continuous, long, folded wooden structure that incorporates all the functions of the house. Here we created a clear folding structure that flows up, down, over and under. This structure transformed into all the house elements: walls, floor, roof, seating and roof terrace. The house is created with ecological ambition: it is insulated with linseed fibres and the exterior wood is treated with natural oils. All the wood is from a local sawmill. The house is built on pillars allowing us not to cut any roots or trees.” (source)

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800 Sq. Ft. A-frame Cabin with Deck








I just think this is an incredible little 1 bedroom A-frame cabin. I love the spacious deck, the abundance of windows, and the overall look and feel. The only thing I’d add is an upstairs balcony in the rear of the cabin.

More info on this Wrightwood California Vacation Cabin here.

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450 Sq. Ft. Small Mountain Cottage

















Images: TKP Architects / Emily Minton Redfield

Big thanks to one of our readers Spencer for sending this small mountain cottage by TKP Architects in. Not tiny, but still small, and absolutely gorgeous. At just 450 square feet, I’m amazed at what they were able to do with this.

Architecture and Interior Design by TKP Architects

Construction by Old Greenwich Builders

Read the original story on this little cottage over at Mountain Living.

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Handmade Matt’s Portable DIY Tiny Cabin (Video)








Matt built this cabin himself on a twin axle flat bed trailer. It has a completely functional kitchen and bathroom with composting toilet. It even has hot and running cold water. Watch the video tour below to get the complete look and feel of it, I think you’ll find it pretty amazing (I did).

The cabin has a 490watt solar system and is parked by his yurt which I think is such a perfect combination. In total he spent just about $4,080 to build it. More photos and info over here at Matt’s blog.

Video Tour

“Like” Handmade Matt on Facebook here.

Visit his blog for more photos and information including how he built it.

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Peaceful Little Wooden Cottage in Thailand















I can imagine living so peacefully in a wooden cabin or cottage just like this out in the forest near a river or a lake. At times I would miss being near the city but in this particular spot they say it is just 10 minutes from the nearest town. It’s a one bedroom cottage in Thailand in Chiang Mai. Learn more and see more pics here.

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Bali Style Tiny Cottage in Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-01

Open Living Space

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-02

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-03

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-04

Outdoor Shower

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-06

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-07

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-08

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-09

Dining and Living

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-10

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-11

Surf Shack Bathroom

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-05

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-12


Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-13

Outdoor Kitchen

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-14

On the Map

Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage-15

Images: Airbnb

This little Bali style cottage in Captain, Cook, Hawaii is just awesome. It’s at Kealakekua Bay and is nestled under a large beautiful ficus tree in the peaceful and historic Napoopoo Village and it’s about a minute walk to Manini Beach Park.

The cabin is built with reclaimed bali teak panels and uniquely decorated with antiques and surfboards all over the ceilings. And I like the outdoor kitchen, too. I absolutely love it just as it is, how about you?

For more info/pics and booking info click here.

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Whimsical A-frame Cabins in NC




Image Credits: Riverwood Chalet

Also be sure to see this 700 sq. ft. A-frame cabin for simple living on the same property. For me a home like this is of the perfect size (and shape). Not too small, but just right if you plan on sharing the space with someone else and an occasional visitor. How about you?

Learn more about this cabin and the property over at this blog.

Thanks, Adrian, for sharing!

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462 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin on 5 Acres for Sale: $65k






“Over 5 acres of privacy and seclusion, just a few miles northwest of Adna! This lovely site features a 462 sq ft partially finished cabin on a cleared building site, ready for your personalization. Lots of trees. Well with 1,000 gallon storage tank and electricity on property. If you’re looking for solitude, don’t miss the chance to acquire your own place to escape and get your creative juices flowing!” (source)

Address: 1764 Bunker Creek Rd, Chehalis, WA 98532

MLS #: 547060

Was last sold for $31,400 on October 2008 according to Zillow.

Sorry, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any photos of the interior for you nor find them elsewhere.

Thanks Sherri for the heads up on this one! To send us your stories or other ‘tips’ from around the web contact me here.

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-01

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-02

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-03

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-04

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-05

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-06

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-07

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-08

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-09

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-10

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-11

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-12

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-13

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-14

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-15

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-16

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-17

Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia-18

This tiny modern cabin in Australia is great because it brings the nature that outside in. And who wouldn’t appreciate that? It was designed by architect, David Luck, as a weekend spot to relax and recharge in Red Hill.

The structure comprises of internal pods that make up the entire cabin. There’s a ‘pod’ for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living areas.

My favorite part is that each area of the home can be opened up to the outside which allows the breeze to come in and also make you feel like you’re outside while you’re still inside. What do you like best about this tiny modern home? And if you were to guess the square footage, what would it be?

If you want to book a vacation here you can! Rates are available here.

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Modern and Chic Prefab Eco Cabanas

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-07

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-01

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-02

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-03

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-04

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-05

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-06

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-08

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-09

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-10

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-11

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-12

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-13

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-14

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-15

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-16

Tiny Prefab Eco Cabanas-17

This property has a total of 4 of these pre-fab modern cabins on the property. Each has been designed and built with “green” in mind since they wanted to have as little impact as possible on the environment there in Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile.

They call them Eco Cabanas. And each one utilizes solar power and strategic positioning and design to be as sustainable as possible. Each cabin has two bedrooms and is spacious enough to sleep 6 people. Inside you’ll find a full kitchen, dining area, living room, bathrooms and of course the wonderful front porch areas with hammocks to enjoy the outdoors.

I can totally see myself living happily in one of these within a community or all on our own in our own piece of land off the grid especially since they’re just big enough to raise a family in. How about you?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find interior square footage or exterior dimensions information. What would you guess them to be? Please share in the comments along with what you liked most about these modern cabins in Chile.

By the way if you’re interested you can actually try one of these out on your next vacation. Rates are available here. More photos and info here.

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440 Sq. Ft. Tiny Purple Portland House

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-01

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-02

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-03

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-04

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-05

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-06

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-07

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-08

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-09

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-10

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-11

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-12

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-13

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-14

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-15

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-16

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-17

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-18

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-19

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-20

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-21

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-22

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-23

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-24

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-25

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-26

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-27

440 sq ft Tiny Purple Portland House-28

“This sweet little house is a fantastic retreat in southeast Portland, located between Mt. Tabor Park and the Hawthorne business district. At 440 sf, it’s slightly larger than the typical “tiny” house, and has lots of fun/green design features to keep you intrigued and entertained.” (source)

Wanna stay here? Get more information, photos, check availability and book here.

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800 Sq. Ft. 1917 Redwoods Cabin
















It always makes me happy to see people making the best out of something that already exists and this 800 sq. ft. 1917 humble cabin is a perfect example of that. It has been left completely unchanged besides required maintenance and restoration which is really rare. It’s built from all redwood in a village called Inverness in California which is between Tomales Bay and Point Reyes National Park.

The half doors are still there, so are the glass windows, open fireplace and original redwood planking. The cabin has an enclosed sleeping porch with 2 single beds and a master bedroom. There’s one bathroom with a shower inside but there’s also an outdoor shower available on the property. Learn more here. It’s available as a vacation rental. Check rates here.

Images: Boutique Homes

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$5k Tiny Cabin on a Foundation: Mortgage-free Living!













Many times we get discouraged with the pricing found for tiny houses. In most cases they end up in the $20,000 to $50,000 range and they’re even smaller than this house. Most of it is due to the cost of materials including the trailer, labor, and high end materials used to build. But if building a humble home is your main goal.. So you can start living the mortgage-free lifestyle, I’d recommend to look here. This project only ran about $5,000 according to the owner/builder and it serves perfectly as a small cabin that gives you what we all want… freedom!

It took the owner 6 months to build using free time on the weekends. It was done back in 2005.

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” ~Carl Sandburg

More info over at Reddit and photos here.

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The Red A-frame Cabin: Your Small Space Dream?






















This incredibly awesome A-frame cabin is yet another small house of my dreams. Only thing that this one is missing for me is an upstairs balcony like this A-frame has that’s on the same property. I would design and build something modeled off of this design in a heartbeat on my own land with no mortgage somewhere in the woods to live simply and write passionately out of. How about you? Would you live here? Would you build something similar to this or are A-frames not your thing?

This cabin is available for rent near Yosemite in case you’d like to stay here on one of your future vacations. It rents out for $275/night. This cabin is also on the property. More info here.

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