Living Simply in a Tiny Yurt Cabin

Pinned on December 31, 2013 at 5:51 pm by Alex

Living Simply in a Tiny Yurt Cabin

How’d you feel living simply in a tiny yurt cabin like this? Even if it were just in a friends backyard or on your own land.

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M.Briggs says:

I’m not sure how I’d feel about living in this yurt because there aren’t any photos of the interior posted?

Tom Zollinger says:

While looking for Dorothy and Toto, it occurred to me that Dorothy’s bicycle won’t fit in the witch’s yurt. I was busy pricing little yurts today, looking for a place to lay my head while building a tiny house. I need a Darcy to tell me how I’m wasting my time.

So, Alex, is this tiny yurt available commercially? Diameter? Cost?


Ron says:

Are there plans for this house? and if so were can I find them?…thanks…

David says:

Here is a site I found that sells plans/parts for a nice sized yurt. Simple, quick build for a 180 sq. ft. size.

Alex says:

Thanks David!

Dennis Fry says:

Thanks to David for sharing my site. I will get a posting up in the next couple of days showing Full Circle Shelters Polyurts. Will get up some photos of the inside also. They are pre cut kits or DIY plans up to 500 Sq. Ft.

Red says:

There is also the Colorado yurt co. And I believe one in NM called sky country yurts

Paul says:

For me personally, I don’t think I could live in it. Too small. Sleep in it, as in a stayover? No problem, but I’ve been in a yurt or 2 and the round shape is not conducive to cabinetry and appliances together. YMMV.

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