Simple Living in Tiny Cabin with Bedroom & Porch


















A tiny cabin like this is perfect if you have your own land and want a first level bedroom instead of a sleeping loft so you don’t have to go up and down ladders at all.

See more photos and learn more about this little cabin over at Blue Moon Rising.

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  1. I absolutely love the exterior. I suspect, however, that I would prefer to reside in the interior. Just me, I guess. I do not want guests to look in a room and see my unmade bed, and, NO, I will not make the bed. I have been sleeping upstairs for 68 years. That said, Dimensions?How much?


  2. Well, should have built this when I was building a retirement cottage a few years back. Would have been done and paid for!
    This is, as Goldie Locks said,” just right!”

    1. Another, possibly more doable, option could be this:
      I’ve been in contact with Tuff Shed. They will build to your specifications. I’ve requested a more steeply pitched roof than their standard craftsman bungalow style cottage offers. They will do it. And they’ve agreed to increase the size to 576 sq ft + loft. I could handle that size.

      The downside, here in Florida, is they will build only on a slab. So I would be right down on the ground – – an engraved invitation to palmetto bugs and lizards and such.
      They do, however, show a sample with a step-up to the porch so I’m continuing to hope that such a plan would be possible and not break the bank.

    2. U can get a super quality made smaller gable, or gambrel roofed building with 8 ft walls for the price u are talking about. I am getting ready to do a small home with a 20×28 gambrel roof hiloft barn, main floor will have bedroom to get around in a wheelchair, same with the bath, plus stack w/d in bath, full kitchen/open living and on the second floor will be 2 bedrooms. with the land, permits, tap fees, the hiloft barn w an 8ft overhang and 7 ft porch with railings, and reasonably cost interior, I am doing it all for under 65000. I will have gas furnace and central air and water softner as well as back door in addition to a front door.

  3. Much to love here. The only change I would make would be to elevate the bed [if the ceiling would allow] and recess my computer table underneath. A knee-chair could wheel under the table when not in use so be out of the way.

    One thing I’ve noticed in so many tiny homes is the lack of space for a desktop computer. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m just not a fan of laptops so will have to make adjustments somehow when the time comes.

  4. Those old enamel tables neer die and are always adorable! I have one I found on the side of the road 30+ years ago—-This one is veyr sweet with the colors and scroll work top—

    I would like a full walk around bed–so no crawling over your partner to get in and out esp in the middle of the night or sick days.

    Would love this!

    1. IKR!! Almost as bad as climbing a ladder….The only way I can think of to accomplish it without breaking my back would be to have a thin mattress that is flexible…but I like to sleep on a rock…they need to come up with a way to have our ground floor bed but still be able to easily change the sheets etc. and like one of the previous posters said, I dont make the bed, and not going to start. lol

  5. ok Try this idea for making the bed. Have your mattress on a platform, attach the platform to a box “bed” for storing TONS of stuff. connect the platform for the mattress with hydraulic hinges (not expensive) & piano hinge on side of bed or at head.. Mattress then goes on top of your easily accessible storage base with the touch of a hand it goes up and stays up for access and easy bed-making !!

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