Tiny Kitchen Storage Inspiration


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Vertical wine rack on Amazon here.


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Similar magnetic spice tins available here.

Top 5 Tips on How to Organize your Small Space Fast

Getting organized makes life so much easier, no matter what size your home is. When living in small spaces organizing becomes a priority. To thoroughly enjoy every inch of your tiny home you are going to have to clean up. These organizing tips will help you tidy up fast.

1. Use storage furniture.

This seems like a no-brainer but it is very important to remember this when you have limited space. Furniture with storage built in is a must. Always look for multiple functioning pieces that have drawers, shelfs or dividers. This will help reduce visual clutter.


Photo credit (photo above): Home Decorators

2. Closet Savvy.

Use clear bins to hold shoes, belts, scarves, etc. Add labels to the boxes for extra storage so you can remember what put in it by labeling it. Keep all clothes either hanging or in drawers but in most cases, you want it out of sight.


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3. Hook it up!

Add decorative hooks by the bathroom, kitchen, or front door to keep keys, hats, towels, jackets and scarves out of the way.


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4. Divide it.

Add drawer dividers to keep the inside of drawers organized. I know everyone has a junk drawer you just throw everything in. This will help you find things better and stay organized easier.


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5. Give it a home.

If you no longer use or have a need for any item in your home including clothing get rid of it! Give it away, donate it, sell it, recycle it, or throw it away if you have to. Only keep what you really really like and use.


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Simple Living in Tiny Cabin with Bedroom & Porch


















A tiny cabin like this is perfect if you have your own land and want a first level bedroom instead of a sleeping loft so you don’t have to go up and down ladders at all.

See more photos and learn more about this little cabin over at Blue Moon Rising.

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The $20K Loft House






Images: ArchDaily

Project by Rural Studio at Auburn University.

“Loft House investigates cost/value ratios of a minimized footprint to wall surface. The small two-story house stows the sleeping space above the kitchen and bathroom allowing a double volume for the living space. Dramatic views are afforded from the height of the sleeping loft of the neighboring creek and landscape.” (source)

Project Team: Kait Caldwell, Joey Fante, Aimee O’Carroll, Ryan Stephenson

Also see this 400 sq. ft. $20k house by Rural Studio at Auburn.

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8 Benefits You Can Make Happen by Living Simply


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8. More time for exercising or just walking

7. More time for cooking healthy home made meals

6. Lower monthly living expenses so you can spend on what’s most important to you instead

5. More time for personal development so you can grow spiritually and live out your purpose

4. More time to follow and advance in your career or business

3. More resources and time to pursue giving back to charities and causes that inspire you

2. The opportunity to retire from your job earlier than you thought and transition over to your passion/purpose

1. The freedom and opportunity to build a life on your own terms

Also- you don’t have to get into a TINY house to do all this.

You can accomplish these things over time by applying simple living principles to your current life.

Just ask yourself, “what’s the one thing I can do to simplify my life right now that will make things easier and or maybe even unnecessary?”

And see what your brain comes up with!

It might be de-cluttering a drawer, putting away a bunch of papers/mail on your counter, cleaning out your desk…

Or even better ignoring everything (including this article) and spending time with a loved one (or a coworker)!

…or giving away 5 things you own that you don’t really have any use for anymore.

Just remember to start small. Do what you can with what’s in front of you… with what’s easy and obvious.

If you’re at work, for example, maybe it’s to be in the moment and find appreciation for your job so you can bring some purpose back to it?

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