Tiny Kitchen Storage Inspiration


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Photo credit: Homesteading Cottage 


Photo credit: Pinterest


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Vertical wine rack on Amazon here.


Photo credit: The Kitchen Paper

Similar magnetic spice tins available here.

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  1. That first picture scares me, especially right next to a door. It’s an accident waiting to happen. LOL.

  2. While I suppose some of those would be fine for a stationary home with no pets or kids ever likely to visit, I suffer from cats, and would see dishes and shards flying from one end of the place to the other- and NO one would ‘fess up- I would be confronted with assorted innocent fuzzy faces, where butter wouldn’t melt in their whiskers.

    However, I really liked the 6th, 8th, and 9th ideas. I had been considering using the magnetic tool holders to handle most of my cooking knives, and might expand that idea to hold spices, if I could find, or perhaps make, appropriate tins.

    I just wish I could find some of that shelving you had said was available at Ikea, to hold plates, and perhaps bowls, edge on. I think they’d work wonderfully for my roommates’ idea to use the heavy glass pie plates as dinner plates, and maybe heavy glass bowls to match. (That way, you can change meal decor for holidays, by simply using very compressible table cloths.)

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