Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin

Pinned on November 28, 2013 at 1:34 pm by Alex

Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin






I thought you’d also enjoy this modern day version of a Thoreau cabin. No amenities just pure and simple. A micro cabin to sleep and write in. Personally I’d love to spend some time with myself in something like this. Maybe even use that time to write, reflect and plan. How about you? This would also be really cool to have in your current backyard if you’re allowed to. It’s pretty stealthy too. Looks like a tiny barn shed for storage. More info on this modern day solar cabin here.

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Greg says:

Yes! I love this simple. As a writer, i see how magical it could be to work there.
I like all the exposed interior wood.

Alex says:

Me too :) Thanks Greg!

Alberto says:

Im lost… if no ammenities…. why so many solar panels? Theres like 3kW on panels in there…..

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