Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin







I thought you’d also enjoy this modern day version of a Thoreau cabin. No amenities just pure and simple. A micro cabin to sleep and write in. Personally I’d love to spend some time with myself in something like this. Maybe even use that time to write, reflect and plan. How about you? This would also be really cool to have in your current backyard if you’re allowed to. It’s pretty stealthy too. Looks like a tiny barn shed for storage. More info on this modern day solar cabin here.

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DIY Modern Micro Cabin up in the Trees


“It is technically not a treehouse, but rather a house up in the trees given we did not use a tree as a support, BUT, we still call it the treehouse; one word. I know, we are annoying that way.

The platform is 8 x 12 and the house part is 8 x 8 feet – We chose these dimensions to minimize waste by using standard, big box lumber lengths.” (source)

See more photos and learn more over here at ModFrugal.

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Handmade Micro Truck Bed Camper for $3700












“New design for Casual Turtle Campers, the Half Shell is a slimmed down, non-cabover, slide-in truck camper/sleeper that also functions as a traditional topper/cargo hauler. This particular model is designed to best fit a Ford Ranger or first generation Toyota Tacoma/Nissan Frontier, though will fit other pickups as well. It weighs in at 455 lbs, and features a removable queen size bed platform.”

Really a neat little camper design, and it can be modified to fit any pickup truck.

For more information, have a look at: and

Reasonable delivery options from Colorado available. Thanks for your interest.

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Feng Shui Expert’s Mobile Micro Cube Dwelling


Here’s an elegantly designed Feng Shui cube to offer you a balanced life wherever you might be. This modular Japanese dwelling box offers you multiple room functions from just one box. And it comprises of:

  • a steel frame,
  • prefabricated floor panels,
  • tatami mat floors,
  • prefabricated staircase with storage,
  • prefabricated cabinets and storage,
  • and plywood wall panels and finishings.

All of that results in what you see below:


Feng Shui principles came into account when designing the cube because Feng Shui expert Liu Ming designed and built it. The result is a tiny box with lots of enjoyable function since each section maximizes itself without discomfort.

Thanks to the wheels you can roll it around wherever you might need it next within your space. I can see this being used in so many ways!

What if you live where you work? Even if it’s a temporary situation, imagine how much one of these units would change how that situation feels?

Or what if you put in extra long hours at a warehouse or other type of job? Maybe you could use a nap or a break that feels like home without having to drive all the way there and back?



As you can see above they even have pull down screens to give you privacy and shade if that’s what you want. There’s also a shoji screen that divides one side from the other. So here’s a run down of what one of these Feng Shui modular house boxes can offer you:

  • Study or micro office with a desk and filing cabinet
  • Staircase with built-in storage cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Meditation zone
  • Loft space

Images: Jasmine Rose Oberste

Built & designed by Fung Shui expert Liu Ming at SpaceFlavor. This tiny cube has also been seen on Dornob and Inhabitat.

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Tiny Geo Pod Cabin


Photo credit Inthralld

Placed in a lush green environment the tiny geo pod cabin is perfect structure to relax in, get some reading done, write, or get some work done.

The shape of this space is very inviting and a fun conversation piece for when guest stop by for a visit. And maybe it can even double as a tiny guest house somehow?

I think the geo pod was designed and made to be a simple workspace away from home. But you could really do anything you’d like with it. How would you use the Geo Pod? Would it be your home, guest house, vacation cabin (is it big enough for any of these?), or just a backyard workspace?

Find more photos and info here.

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500 Sq Ft Micro Apartment in NYC


Photo Credit Airbnb

Located in the heart of New York City is this 500 square foot micro apartment that’s available for you to stay in while visiting the big apple.

I’ve been wanting to visit NYC so bad so I occasionally do some looking and this little studio really caught my eye. Learn more about it, see more photos and check availability here.

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All in One Micro Kitchen Units Great for Tiny Homes?


I just ran into these mini kitchens by a company called Mobilspazio Contract. These kitchen units are great for tiny houses and any small multi-functional space because the entire kitchen can actually be hidden with your choice of a:

  • sliding shutter,
  • hinged door,
  • ledge door,
  • or pocket door.

I like the shutter option. Mobilspazio has been known for creating furniture for hotels. I can see how some of their products might work great for tiny houses, too. What do you think?

Learn more about Mobilspazio’s mini kitchens here.

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Tiny Pyramid Cabin in Argentina You Can Vacation In



Ladder to Loft in Pyramid Cabin


Downstairs Bedroom




Dining Table


Notice the closet it near the corner.





Bathroom in the Micro Pyramid Cabin



Exterior of the Pyramid Tiny House




I thought you might also like this pyramid shaped micro cabin in Argentina. I ran into it on because I’m always on there looking for unique cabins and tiny houses that we can rent.

I think that vacationing in tiny homes is one of the best ways learn how to design the perfect one in the future. It’s also a great way to figure out what size house works best for you.

Pyramid Cabin Gives You Better Views?

I like how the shape of the cabin ends up giving you better views because of the angle of the structure. This gives you a better view of the sky, stars and in this case view of the mountains.

How can we make it better? I guess you could put it on stilts and wrap the cabin around a deck/balcony. You might even be able to park your car underneath it.

How to Book your Stay in it

Check availability, learn more about the location in Argentina and book your stay in the Pyramid Cabin here.

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Would You Live Simply in this Micro Cabin?








“Each Log Cabin has been created keeping in mind our guests needs and comforts. The aesthetically designed living areas inspire and enhance the spirit, mind body and soul. Accommodates 2 and is ideally suited for couples.
Its lies across the chapora river and fort, along the north Goa coastline on a beautiful secluded beach called Morjim.
The beach is popularly known as Turtle Beach where the famous Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs.” (source)

“This place embraces the atmosphere of a Goan village. This is consist of Log Cabins, Luxury Tents, Casa de Mudanc’a, and a Beach Villa spread over an area of 100,000 sq ft of beach front property, in a coconut grove bordering the white sands of Morjim beach.” (source)

Would you live simply in a micro cabin like this? By yourself or with a loved one? Share what you’d like best about it living this simply in the comments below.

Book a stay in one of these cabins and see photos of more and learn about the area here.

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75 Sq. Ft. Funky Micro Cabin on Wheels






This 75 square foot micro cabin on wheels is located in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada.

Mobile Micro Cabin Features

  • Sleeping loft
  • Fold out table
  • Dining area
  • Pine cabinets
  • Custom drawers
  • Heated floors
  • Fully insulated
  • Metal roofing
  • LED lighting
  • Cedar deck
  • Mini refrigerator

For sale. Asking $26,500. More info here.

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HideAway Huts Micro Cabins


8′ x 14′ 112 Sq. Ft. Micro Cabin (One Bed)


The models above are 8′ x 14′ and approximately 112 square feet. I really like the front porches and doors on these.

16′ x 8′ 128 Sq. Ft. HideAway Hut (2 Beds)












Both of these micro cabin models are relatively easy to move around with a forklift. They’re built with quality materials. You can even add a bathroom as an addition to one of these if you wanted. There are more optional upgrades too.

I can see these being used in campgrounds but they’d also be great to put on your land to build a micro tiny house community for your family somewhere. In some areas you might even be able to put one in your backyard.

Learn more and if you want get a quote on one of these HideAway Huts here.

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Micro A-frame Cabin Vacation Rental for Glamping










Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

Enjoy the privacy of your own cozy cabin on the grounds of Maitreya Mountain Village, an off-grid sustainable community nestled deep in the heart of Six Rivers National Forest. Your hand-built hut features seasonal propane heat, a comfy double mattress, outdoor composting toilet system, peace and tranquility, and the gurgle of Little Jones Creek lulling you to sleep at night …”

“… From your cabin, you are welcome to wander at will amongst our 160 acres of mostly steep, forested land, and enjoy the streams and waterfalls leading into Little Jones Creek. A stroll down the” driveway” and back along the forestry road is a beautiful hike in itself, where you could easily spend all day in the company of only quiet woodland creatures.” (Source)

Learn more and book your stay in this micro cabin here.

I recently featured a neighboring cabin that’s on this same property that you can also stay in. You might want to check that out here.

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Modern Micro Cabin: Too Small for Full Time Living?


Photo Credit Unknown

I know this isn’t very realistic for full time living but I still like to feature micro cabins because it’s always possible for something like this to exist and be used if there are other structures on the property.

How do you feel about that? How could you handle having to walk to another structure for bathing, preparing food and doing laundry?

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Beehive Lodges Micro Cabin




“The structure is built out of 3×2 tanalised wood section, which is insulated and has a waterproof membrane. The roof is a meta slate system, which needs to be used as the roof pitch is less than 10 degrees. The Beehive is clad in high quality Siberian Larch – it looks really beautiful. Siberian larch has excellent weatherproofing properties. The Double French doors are house quality golden oak effect UPVC which means they should be maintenance free. We have also used very expensive dimmable LED lighting and it looks great at night. Double electric socks means you can charge up your phone, provide electric heating, or even bring along your hair dryer!

We provide the lodges unfurnished, to allow customers the flexibility to adapt to their needs. Some campsites prefer to leave them empty for campers to bring their own equipment (sleeping bags, mats etc), whereas others may wish to provide a bit more luxury. The 10′ x 8′ internal dimensions provide just the right amount of sleeping space for a family of 4. The Beehives full head height means bunk beds could easily be used against the sides, unlike curved roofed structures where this would not be possible.” (Source)

More info and photos are available here.

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Micro Kitchen in a Tiny House


More photos of this tiny house (the ProtoHaus) available here.

When you’re limited in space the only logical choice is to get creative and develop a smart design that makes the most out of what you have.

And I think this is a great example of just that. What ideas do you have for your own tiny kitchen?

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Micro Shelter on Wheels



I thought this was a very crafty micro shelter sent in by Liz Day on Facebook.

She says she uses it as a creation station/art studio, what could you imagine using it for?

I’m you sure would be nice and cozy inside there no matter what it’s used for! 🙂

I also love the fact its on wheels so that you can escape anywhere to kick back and enjoy some reading/studying.

Great job Liz and thanks again!

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Tiny Churches in Greece

tiny-churches-greece-02 tiny-churches-greece-01

Photo Credits


Photo Credit

I recently found out that tiny and micro churches are actually quite common in Greece thanks to this post that I did on a really tiny church last week. According to one of our readers these churches are quite common and popular in Greece.

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Free Micro Gambrel Tiny House Plans


I wanted to be sure you knew about this new and FREE “Micro Gambrel” tiny house plans that Michael Janzen just released.

It’s a great little design that you can use in the back yard for a variety of uses. It can be a micro guest house, writing studio or tiny private hangout with an upstairs sleeping loft for naps or reading.

What would you use it for? If you want to download the plans with dimensions they’re available here.

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Micro Cottage with Covered Front Porch

Mini House with Street Sign

Photo by Joseph White

This is not a real functioning tiny house but I thought it still makes for some great inspiration. I’m always a fan of cottages like this with the covered porches and how the loft hangs over the porch which gives you that little bit of extra space up there. Some don’t like that, but I sure do. Isn’t it funny that it even seems to have a fireplace? Very cute little house. I wonder what it’s used for.

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