Solar Powered Pontoon Tiny House

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Solar Powered Pontoon Tiny House

Photo Credit MIT

Here’s a tiny house that inspires change. It’s 100% solar powered and built on a pontoon. If I remember correctly there are solar panels that are built right into the roof. The power collected from these panels are stored and will be used to run everything in the house including the electric motor that will be able to move the home at around 2-5 mph. Read the original article here.

Video of Tiny House Being Moved

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jim sadler says:

There is a very real use for a home on pontoons. Not only does it mean you could use it on water but there is plenty of cheap land that is subject to temporary flooding. I just saw a parcel in W. Va. that was selling cheap due to a tiny creek that rises a day or two a year making the property unsuitable for a typical home.

jerryd says:

A great idea but don’t use round pontoons as they have little reserve stability. Luckily it has 3 hulls but even there it’s marginal for that weight.

Also make sure the hulls are divided up into at least 4 compartments/hull so getting a leak doesn’t sink it. And you will get leaks if you live on one for yrs. Easy to deal with if designed right.

I was going to do pontoon units like this but decided to go monohull for less material, lighter weight, height for towing, building.

Having it as a boat as Jim says makes many more places legally available even on land but always free on water.

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