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Big Ideas, Small Spaces: A Tiny House Design Workshop

Join the folks from Boneyard Studios to learn how to design and build a tiny home on wheels.

When & Where

This September 14-15, 2013 in Washington, DC. Here’s some of what you’ll get if you decide to go:

  • Technical details on building systems appropriate to tiny houses
  • Trailer selection: pros/cons of various existing designs and our recommendations for trailers, modifications, and how to gain the most space in your house
  • Tiny house plans: one half day will be a Google sketch-up class taught by an architect where you will start designing your own house, choosing from two base models or starting your own base plan
  • Opportunity to tour four tiny houses at Boneyard Studios and learn about the different construction styles, building systems, and interior designs
  • A detailed material list and project planning timeline for your tiny house project
  • Learn what you can do yourself versus what you might want to contract out
  • Building and zoning codes and how to go about finding land for your house
  • List of resources (focused on the Mid Atlantic/NE region)
  • Pre-workshop materials to get you up to speed on construction and tiny house concepts, so you can get your technical questions answered during the workshop

If you want to attend you can get more information here and sign up right here.

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