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“Experience the novelty (and fun) of staying in a tiny house on wheels, with inspired views of Fallbrook’s scenic hills and valleys. Surrounded by an orchard of avocados, passion fruit, guava, lemons, limes and oranges, your tiny house is both private and comfortable. Pine paneled with vaulted ceiling, it has a sleeping loft, a hobbit sized room with comfortable futon day bed sleeper and a galley kitchen with sink, refrigerator and coffee maker.

Your tiny house has convenient adjacent parking and is close to the main house on the property. The setting is quite nice with landscaped beds and a canopy of big trees. The neighborhood is reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside with a Mediterranean climate-sunny and dry with close to perfect temperatures. The air out here is wonderful and the sounds of nature abundant.

The Fallbrook/Oceanside location offers a great launching base to see Southern California. It’s about twenty minutes to the beaches of Oceanside and about thirty minutes to the wine country of Temecula. The town of Fallbrook, America’s Avocado Capital, is about fifteen minutes away and has a charming downtown with lots of restaurants. The Fallbrook countryside has an abundance of horse ranches and easy access to magnificent hiking and riding trails. San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, SeaWorld, Legoland, Encinitas, Delmar’s Racetrack, La Jolla’s beach and shopping are just short drives away. Take a day trip to the renowned San Diego Zoo or the world class museums of Balboa Park. San Diego’s airport is about fifty five minutes drive and Orange County’s John Wayne Airport is a little over an hour. Disneyland is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. This is truly a great location to enjoy the sights and sounds of San Diego and Orange County.

Your hosts are a semi-retired Kansas couple that will make every effort to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. We promise you that experiencing our Tiny House will be something special and long remembered.” (Source)

If you’re interested in renting this out for a tiny house vacation you can do so here.

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  1. I love the interior on this one – just too far from Colorado to go rent it and see if I would like the tiny home lifestyle. Wish someone in Metro Denver had a tiny house that they could put on my property for a month so I could try tiny house living and then show the tiny house to the City and see if they would allow me to keep one on my property permenently. If anyone knows of someone in Metro Denver with a tiny home let me know.

  2. Harumph! I normally avoid sounding like a Grumpy Old Fart but this phrase bugged the heck.outta.me: “Experience the novelty (and fun) of staying in a tiny house…” The only word they left out is “craze” which I’ve read waaaay too many times in articles that are showing agents how to “…tap into the Millennial Gen craze for tiny houses…” I’m sorry, I respect the Tiny House community too much to think it’s a novelty or craze.

    Grouchiness and semantic signifiers aside, the interior is too bleak for me. Again, thanks to Alex and other folks, I’ve seen too many listings for tiny home rentals where you didn’t feel like they finished it two.seconds.ago. The image I have of WHO would love staying in such an austere room would be an 18-25 year old Caucasian Male who would OCCASIONALLY come here to crash/shower inbetween hiking/biking the back trails. And you know what? That’s okay for that dude. But, would it kill this Kansas couple to hang some photographs of the surrounding area on the walls or have ONE SPECK OF COLOUR??? Pine and Black futon. Oh, Joy….not. Now please excuse me while I go look at a box of Crayola Crayons to get the colour wheel back into my brain. 😉

    1. Patty, My wife and I plan to have a tiny house build very soon and we will be looking in the Denver metro area. Any chance you are still interested in hosting one on your property?

      1. Yes I am still very much interested in hosting one on my property in Federal Heights CO – you can “google” Water World in Federal Heights and take a drive around my neighborhood and the City of Federal Heights. Federal Heights is about 75% Mobile Homes and the rest is condos or Apartments. And I am working to get the City to allow smaller homes in the area to replace the aging mobile homes that are here now. Let me know when you might be up in this area. I would love to talk to you.

  3. Attn: Brian – I am still interested in hosting a tiny home on my property in suburban Denver if you are still looking for a place. Let me know.

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