Wall Mounted Flip Desks for your Multi-functional Tiny Space




Images: Amazon

For the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out how to re-create my home office inside of our 400-square-foot micro apartment. It’s pretty challenging to accomplish in a small 1-bedroom without any major changes to the apartment AND while keeping a decent living area, dining area, kitchen and bedroom.

And since I don’t own it, I didn’t want to make or invest in any structural type of renovations. What I’d really like to do is turn our apartment into a transforming micro apartment but that costs too much and takes quite a lot of effort. So for now I’m considering this flip desk/table because it’s cheap, easy to install and it looks great too.

In fact a few tiny housers have used them in their builds to create a multifunctional kitchen/office area. Another thing you can do if you’re a carpenter or would like to work on your DIY skills is to take the design and recreate it yourself.

But if that doesn’t sound very fun or you just don’t think you have the time to do that you can order one and mount it yourself relatively easily. Order from Amazon here (it’s also available in natural wood color) or check it out at IKEA here and here. Prices tend to change at Amazon so just double check to make sure you get the best deal.

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