Handmade Matt’s Portable DIY Tiny Cabin (Video)








Matt built this cabin himself on a twin axle flat bed trailer. It has a completely functional kitchen and bathroom with composting toilet. It even has hot and running cold water. Watch the video tour below to get the complete look and feel of it, I think you’ll find it pretty amazing (I did).

The cabin has a 490watt solar system and is parked by his yurt which I think is such a perfect combination. In total he spent just about $4,080 to build it. More photos and info over here at Matt’s blog.

Video Tour

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Indestructible Stone House in Spain














Although I absolutely love this house because of it’s uniqueness I had a little trouble sharing it here because I really don’t think it’s small. After all, it’s a 4-bedroom house! But then I thought, alright… For a 4-bedroom house it is small. And I do think there was a lot of thought put into it so I consider it a smart house. And if it’s occupied and used it can still be efficient living so I decided I’d still share it with you and I hope you can appreciate it, too.

“The concept of the house comes from the interaction of the architecture with the trade winds. The blocks of stone protect us from the wind but at the same time they form an alliance with him to create a microclimate. The pumice stone and the open sky surround you. The value of the house lies in the simplicity and austerity of its materials and the layout. The common spaces invite you to get together as much inside as outside. The patio supplies the rooms with fresh air, providing an oasis of tranquillity where a lemon tree will give you shade from the afternoon sun.” (source)

The home is available as a vacation rental so you can find more info and rates here.

What do you like best about this almost indestructible stone home? 

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