The Mighty Micro House on Wheels: For Sale for $38k


Interior with Sleeping Loft, Kitchen and Door to Washroom


I love the wooden table. Beautiful!

Kitchen with Little Corner Cabinet and Micro Stove


Other Side of Kitchen with Corner Cabinet and Mini Refrigerator


Front Door and Cozy Reading Nook


Sleeping Loft in the Mighty Micro House!


“Living room features scrap-steel and Milestone entry, fir floor, cathedral ceiling, Dickinson Newport propane heater and window seat. Leaded glass loft dormers open for breeze through sleeping loft. Stowable ladder provides access to loft. Kitchen outfitted with stained glass corner cupboards, under counter refrigerator, 4-burner propane oven range and toe-kick drawers. A re-purposed woodstove door covers the cooking fan. Walk-in closet with vanity/desk (2-gallon electric water heater underneath). Knotty pine paneling throughout. Exterior cedar shingles, siding and trim. All windows are salvaged. Refrigerator and oven range are also second use.” (source)

Asking $38,000 for the finished home. Learn more and contact the seller if interested here.

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Wildflower II Tiny House has Staircase with Storage to Loft



Ladders to sleeping lofts in tiny houses seem to frighten a lot of people.

Tiny house builders and designers have been responding with creative solutions for this.

Sleeping lofts are big space savers in tiny homes so it’s challenging to just take them out of the picture although you can and many folks have.

In this case Tiny Green Cabins has designed and built a staircase to the loft with built in storage drawers. Genius idea and excellent execution.

Wildflower II from Tiny Green Cabins




Dickinson Fireplace


Incinerating Toilet


Washer and Dryer in a Tiny House


I love how they were able to fit a washer and a dryer in such a small space. There are all-in-one units that can save you space but they take 2-4 times as long to dry your clothes and they don’t do as great of a job. Anyways I talk a little more about them in this post.


More information on plans and floor plan on the Wildflower II are here. The original post on the staircase is here. More interior photos are available here.

Visit Tiny Green Cabins official web page here. “Like” them on Facebook here.

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Tiny House with a Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch/Deck

Tiny House with Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch

This is a genius idea for permits because the main level is still less than 100-square-feet. The rest is simply a 100-square-feet covered deck and a 200-square-foot attic/loft which doesn’t count because ceiling height is less than 6′. But you must check your own local zoning codes before designing and building! Thanks for the tip I got on Facebook through Kent from the Tiny House Blog.