Tiny Looking House for sale in Seattle is Actually 830 Sq. Ft. (sold)


Narrow Spite House in Seattle

But here’s the catch..

At it’s narrowest point it’s just 55 inches wide!

So it seems seriously tiny even though once you step inside it’s much like a normal house.

Tiny Looking Super Narrow House for Sale in Seattle (sold)

It’s at 2022 24th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112 and up for sale with an asking price of $397,500. And it sold this weekend! More info here.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy city living in a house with a home that’s a sweet alternative to a condo. Thought you’d really enjoy the front entrance because it looks like an ultra unique tiny house!

Read the original article and see more photos of it here at Yahoo! Homes.


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    1. @futurnet On my own estimate, about 85% of the time he does include interior views and although I normally do not like them about 15% I’ll watch the YouTube vid that is in an article. You should also notice that in the headline of this story it is sold, so, permission may not have been procured.

      But, boy, you aren’t just a kiddin’ this puppy sure is narrow. It’s a wonder if you could even walk around any furniture. The bed probably is installed wall to wall.

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