1929 Antique Tiny House on Wheels Built on a Model T Ford


You are looking at Charles Miller and his 1929 Model T Ford that he built his very own mortgage-free tiny cottage on. If you notice it even has a patch of grass on the side that constantly needed a good mowing! More info here.

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  1. Is there any way you can use a different colour scheme for actual content than the G.D. ads? It’s a bit annoying having to scroll down and figure out which is which, though I have the sinking feeling this is just part of “their” strategy and not fixable. You have to pay way more attention than you want to useless material just in case you miss something you actually want to read. While I understand the reason for ads there are just way too many of them everywhere you go online now. The commodification of practically everything is too pervasive.

    1. I totally agree, alice h! I got rid of my TV (too many ads). I got rid of all of my magazines (too many ads). And I delete any email that even remotely looks like an ad. And the thing of it is, I don’t buy anything that has had an annoying ad attached to it. I intentionally boycott it just because of the ads. Enough is enough.

  2. Now, now Alice, Lisa and Lee-Ann. I look at (almost all of) the Tiny House emails and, having become accustomed to the layout, have come to scroll through and beneath the ads.without looking or reading ANY. I race past the ads so that I can read the comments. (I do not subscribe to Facebook) by Alice, Lisa and Lee-Anne. I usually delete the “wheeled house” features, but the Model T demanded my attention.

    I suspect that the three of you secretly covet the Model T Tiny House and would delight in being invited by Charles Miller to have a Model T campout.


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