1956 Vintage Yellowstone Travel Trailer

Vintage 1956 Yellowstone Travel Trailer

Stick Built Tiny Houses on Trailers vs. Lightweight Travel Trailers

Once in a while I like to mention that travel trailers especially vintage ones like this 1956 Yellowstone are great options if you want to live tiny in a mobile and lighter way. We all love the look and feel of stick built houses and of course would love to build on a trailer because it looks and feels like a real home. But if you’re seriously considering lots of travel and moving around something like this that’s more aerodynamic and lightweight is a lot more realistic, practical and affordable to move around with. And something like this attracts less attention on the road and the campgrounds, too. Unless, of course, you want the attention.

Image: Tin Can Tourists

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  1. Thank you for saying something positive about RVs and trailers! I love my 10 X 55 mobile home and I own the land it sits on – can’t imagine living any other way – but I get such negative reactions when I say I live in a trailer built in 1959. Anyone else out there living full time in a trailer, rv or mobile home?

    1. I don’t live in them full time as it is just is a little cold in the winter, I did try two years ago here in Castlegar but even the warm -5 compared to other parts in Canada was just too cold, many In the area do but I am a suck. They are a great way to winter in AZ or CA and I do intend to do more of that in years to come from my Motor Home. But I have lived many summers in them for extended periods and enjoyed every moment. Anyone who knocks the way someone lives it a pampas ass anyway and don’t pay my bills. I own what I have and most of them can’t say that. With that said, I do really have to clean up this old shack as there is no excuse for living the way I am at present. Dose junk, newspapers and files levitate. I am sure there is a table or desk in her someplace. There was!

  2. Yes, I live in a single wide full time on my own acreage and love it. Everything is paid for and stress in my retired life is at a minimum. This IS the good life!

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