1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador Renovation

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-01

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-02

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-03

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-04

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-05

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-06

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-07

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-08

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-09

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-10

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-11

I love Airstreams because they’re such a great example of what you can do with something that already exists. But not only that, if you’re like me and you like to travel on the road, this is a much better option for you than building a stick built house on a trailer because of weight and aerodynamics.

But this particular Airstream doesn’t usually go anywhere. It sits in the backyard of a home in Ashland, Oregon and is available as a vacation rental. So I’m not sure that they’ll let you tow and go with it!

Rent this Airstream here.

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  1. My goodness, didn’t they just turn this into a slice of heaven? I am generally not a big fan of sporadic multi colors everywhere but this is so tastefully executed, I wouldn’t embarrass myself to complain at all and that’s a stretch, I am never bothered embarrassing myself. I felt comfort come over me just looking at it. Note all the little incidentals of convenience everywhere within an arm’s reach. I was hoping it was a full time living quarters but whatever; it assists in someone’s life style and this old Airstream lives on.

  2. What I like most about this Airstream is that it ‘is’………………..what I like least about the Airstream is that it isn’t mine ! I can no longer tell if I am getting older or just drooling out of envy…….

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