400 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin: The Totems






“A compact (400 sq. ft.) dovetailed log cabin with a 150 sq. ft. loft, placed exactly on the footprint of a derelict homesteader’s log cabin in Paradise Valley North of Squamish, BC.” (source)

Photos by Stuart Bish

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  1. Now we’re talking! My dream tiny home!!! Small, affordable and beautiful. Love the scale of the logs, the stone, the use of metal and hardware as well as the use of glass. Those long side windows are really doable because of the timber frame construction. Much harder to pull off with stick built methods. The only thing I’m not sure of is the sleeping area. At 150 sq ft that’s a really big bed or just a poorly placed one. With the square footage seems you should be able to walk around to make the bed. Without the 2nd floor plan I don’t know if there is closet/dresser space. I’ll do without if I must.
    All in all a fantastic home that would prompt me to retire to a life of fishing on the little lake and hunting deer in the woods near by…..
    You should be in my head, this is pretty cool…
    Back to reality, fine job Alex! Nice find.

  2. Beautiful, or should that be handsome, I agree with Doc about everything. 150′ is a lot of bedroom even in a big house. Room enough for our oak queen and nightstands & dresser. That bed would sleep a platoon! Stairs are beautiful. Handrail would be well used. How much?

  3. Beautiful! I am ready to downsize my house! Hopefully in the very near future, my family will be in a smaller house with a bigger heart!

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