5 Tips for Space Saving & Spacious Feeling Tiny Bathrooms


In the last few days I’ve been featuring plenty of tiny bathroom designs that might work in your next tiny or small house design. I thought this one proved to be a wonderfully small and simple design where you can still fit your toilet, sink and bathtub/shower. Anyway here are some tips on how you can make your tiny bathroom feel more spacious than it really is!

5 Tips for a Space Saving and Spacious Feeling Tiny Bathroom Design

  • Use light colors to create the illusion of light and spaciousness
  • Choose newer more space efficient toilets and sinks
  • Consider frameless shower doors
  • Use high gloss paint to help bounce the light around the room
  • Use as many mirrors and see through glass as possible too

For more info on the toilets, sinks and bathtubs available for small bathrooms visit here.

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