500 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin: Simple Living in your own Homestead


I love tiny houses on wheels. But for true full time simple living I’d prefer to have a more spacious cabin like this 500 square foot tiny cabin on a foundation with a roomy upstairs sleeping loft/bedroom.

I like the windows and the screened in porch too. The other neat part about a structure like this is that it’s relatively easy to add on to it if you wanted to or had to.

So if you needed more space for whatever reason whether it be for work, your hobbies, or because your family is growing?

The other cool part about having your own homestead (land) is that you can also build separate structures for any of your other needs. There can be a shed for your tools and lawn mower. A separate shed for your work and hobbies. And even separate cabins for other members of the family.

Photo Credit Unknown

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  1. Pity that even following SOURCE gains you no more than the same photo. If this picture was in Black & White vs. Colour, you couldn’t tell what century it came from. This cottage makes me Happy-Sad: Happy insofar that it’s a delightfully quirky and lovely building that I’m dying to see inside. Sad, insofar that THIS was the absolute NORM when I was growing up in the 50’s and now there’s so few of them left. Most are torn down and rural McMansion’s built by the moneyed crowd from nearby urban areas are replacing them. Well, to look at it as “glass half full”, it employees the locals in that area and also, the wealthy owners soon fall out of love with the monolith so the animals all have a place to frolic again, after the building is done.

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