630 square feet Barn Cottage in Buffalo, NY


Small houses like this always remind me that tiny doesn’t have to be tiny. And we always have to remember that it’s all relative to the number of people as well as those people’s needs.

You don’t have to go extremely small to experience the benefits of tiny house living, which to me, is pretty much the same thing as simple living.

It’s all about simplifying. Removing all of the unnecessary up until the point that you have just what you want and not much more.

That’s not to say that the process of simplifying ever really ends. But to me, finding the right home is about getting enough space using smart design to meet your goals for whatever it is that you like to do.

What does simple living mean to you and your family? Would it be a tiny house? A small one? And why?

Photo Credit FixBuffalo on FlickR

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  1. I recently purchased a small home 480 sq ft .will be some time yet before its ready for full time living. I like the idea of a small home its much more affordable and much less for utility’s. And depending where you live property taxes lower. My wife has different ideas on this subject but in time it will grow in her . I hope.

  2. The little red house in the picture above is what I want to build. Is it possible to get the blue prints or go to a site and buy these. I keep seeing this house but no details of where to get plans for something like it. I know it was first stated it was 16×32. Please help this little lady at 65 build her small dream house and many thanks kkf

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