667 Sq. Ft. Modern Small House for Family in Sweden







Notice the bunk beds for the children on the left of the building in the photo above.



Architect: LLP Arkitektkontor AB

Images: Robin Hayes

Via ArchDaily & Humble-Homes

To me small houses like this are perfect for families.

I just know that modern designs like these are not very affordable but at least once built they are efficient, easy to maintain and have a relatively small footprint in comparison to McMansions.

And what if they were built for the masses? Wouldn’t they become more and more affordable then? I think so.

My wish is that developers would provide more housing like this because the truth is it’s just easier to get an oversized house (they’re everywhere). AND they’re cheaper.

It’s a shame that in most of today’s communities and neighborhoods you wouldn’t even be able to build out a floor plan like this because it’s less than 1200 sq. ft.

I consider 667 sq. ft. designs like this one to be McMansion killers because if they were widely available and easy to finance lots of people would actually choose them over 2400 sq. ft. cookie cutter homes.

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  1. Really like the interior and the space use, though larger that we would need. For them with a family, likely just right. Huge fan of all those windows. Hope they are well insulated so as not to bake the children in the summer. Not as big a fan of the pole barn like exterior though. Also not sure how I would change that aspect. Just needs something…

  2. I love the cylindrical wood stove. I’ve been looking for those small Swedish stoves just big enough to keep the coffee hot. Now something else to look for —

  3. I agree that if contractors were to build homes under 1000sf more often then people would see the value in them. We are mostly brainwashed to the idea we have to have “BIG”. I have seen so many McMansions in my husband’s like of work that are over 4,000 sf that only 1-2 people occupy and the “Keepers” homes are usually over 1500 sf. Many contractors I have talked to said they won’t building anything under 1800-2000 sf home as there is no profit in it. SERIOUSLY? Is usually my response. So sad but I do love the Swedish home and would love to have one just like it. Wish we could find contractors who have a little more vision beyond the immediate bottom line.

  4. Love the simplicity of the inside. Love the outside – just need plants around the house to make me happy with the outside.

  5. LOVE this! I would use splashes of color a little differently, but the clean, spacious feel of it is exactly what I would like to do. Pre-made I’m sure would be pricey, but with recycled windows and other materials, I am sure that it could be orchestrated much less expensively. I could see doing something like this with a couple of containers.

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