All in One Micro Kitchen Units Great for Tiny Homes?


I just ran into these mini kitchens by a company called Mobilspazio Contract. These kitchen units are great for tiny houses and any small multi-functional space because the entire kitchen can actually be hidden with your choice of a:

  • sliding shutter,
  • hinged door,
  • ledge door,
  • or pocket door.

I like the shutter option. Mobilspazio has been known for creating furniture for hotels. I can see how some of their products might work great for tiny houses, too. What do you think?

Learn more about Mobilspazio’s mini kitchens here.

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    1. I like it too, DB. However, I could not access catalog for prices or anything else. Did you have any luck? I like knowing prices before obsessing, if you know what I mean.

  1. It looks somewhat compact but kind of dark and depressing, partly because of the dark wood and that it’s like working in a hole, with the ends walled in instead of being open on at least one end, and the lack of a window over the sink area, something which hopefully would be easy to remedy. If the top part were connected to the wall instead of being supported by the wood coming up from the bottom, the openness issue should be easy to fix.

    I asked my wife last year if she ever used more than two burners. She said it’s nice to have more for [yada yada], but since that time I have never seen her use more than two at a time.

  2. OMG! I had to go take a heart pill after looking at this beauty!!! 😉 I clicked on every link at the website and found NO PRICES, just a “Contact Us” regarding pricing structure.

    On the official Italian website, I saw their smallest unit (which is half of this size) is identical to what I had in my 144 sq.ft. studio apartment. For someone that uses cooking/baking as their relaxation mode, the larger size plus a kitchen island and convection oven would be pure perfection!

    Garth: you DO realize, don’t you, that something this high end would come in other colour combinations beyond “…dark and depressing”, don’t you? I always have to laugh at all of our comments and how people are affected by colour. If the unit pictured was White, I’d read comments about it “being too sterile”. If the unit is Dark, then it’s “too depressing”. Guess Goldilocks was right on track with her “..too big, too small” thought process. And regarding your wife’s use of 2 or 4 burners, does it matter? 😉 I’m wondering if she’s spying on you and how many hammers/screw drivers you use! ~snort~ I use all four of my burners only during the holidays or during canning season, but I sure am glad that I’ve got them when I need them! The rest of the year it’s only 1 or 2 burners put into daily use.

    They have four door options, what Italians call 1) Sliding Shutter; 2) Hinged Door; 3) Packet Door; and 4) Falling Door. In America, we’d call them 1) Tambour Door; 2) Split Doors or Dutch Doors; 3) Bi-Fold Doors and 4) Pocket Doors. If you were REALLY tall, the tambour doors would be very nice for taking up zero footprint of your kitchen, but for shrimps such as me, I could never reach them. The Dutch Doors are pretty but really would get in the way of traffic and bonk people in the face if they were used in a really tiny space. The traditional bifold doors are nice and take up little space but my hand’s down favourite are the Pocket doors, which store nicely out of sight/out of mind in the side of the kitchen unit.

    Lovely find, Alex! Me Like, Me Like! <3

  3. My first thought was how much does this weigh? It’s a great use of space otherwise, especially with the addition of more counter space nearby.

    My tablet didn’t like their website much, so I have to look at it on my laptop. 😉


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